Friday, 30 December 2011

Doctor Who-The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe

Another Christmas has come and gone, and with it, another Doctor Who Christmas special.

I've found that there is no in-between with this year's special...People either loved it or hated it. Me? I loved it.
I've also found that the folks that hated this year's special loved last year's A Christmas Carol, and vise versa.
Weird, right?

Here's why I loved it--

It was light. After a series full of darkness and riddles and confusion, it was nice to not have to think and just enjoy this episode!

It was funny. A lemonade tap? I know! Chairs that move by themselves in the boring grown up room? I know!
I just loved Matt Smith here. He was at his very best in this episode.

It was touching. Yes, it was predictable. Yes, you could see that the father was going to be saved a mile off.
But if you didn't at least tear up when the Ponds told the Doctor that they ALWAYS set a place for him...and when he wiped away his own tear...well, you have no soul! ;)

All in all, I thought it was perfect for a Christmas episode. A great episode to sit and watch with the family after Christmas dinner.

Lets just hope it's enough to tide us over until series 7 premieres a long, long 9 months away, in early fall of 2012!

Until then, Whovians, have a wonderful and safe New Year!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Once Upon A Time-The Shephard. My Thoughts...

And now we know the story of Prince Charming/David.

This wasn't my favourite episode of the a matter of fact, I'd say it was probably the slowest and most boring. But in my eyes, this show can do no wrong, so I still enjoyed it.

In Fairytale Land, we learned the tale of Prince Charming, who, as it turns out, is actually a poor shephard and not a Prince at all.

Over in Storybrooke, we're rooting for Mary Margaret as David leaves Kathryn because he has feelings for MM...only to return to her when his memories return. :(

The biggest thing actually didn't happen during the episode itself! It came in the trailer for the next episode, which aired afterward!
Did you catch the HUGE spoiler about the Sheriff?! Well, now we know WHO he is in Fairytale Land...and I was wrong!

Sadly, I'm almost positive our poor Sheriff is doomed to die in the mid-season finale. I'll be sad to see him go.

And once again, Robert Carlisle was in amazing form as old Rump wheeling and dealing with the King and Charming.

We also found out who Kathryn is in Fairytale Land...Abigail, King Midas's spoiled daughter.

Lost references:

-MacCutcheon whiskey! 

What did you think of The Shepherd? Comments always welcome!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Supernatural-Death's Door. My Thoughts...

Okay, if you didn't cry at least once during this episode, then YOU HAVE NO HEART!!

FINALLY we get the episode fans have been begging for for seven seasons...and what an amazing, touching, emotional, tear-jerker it was.

This was easily the best episode of at least the last 2 or 3 seasons! The writing was amazing, Jim Beaver was at his absolute BEST, and the directing was wonderful.

When we last left the boys, Bobby had been shot in the head after escaping the clutches of the Boss Leviathan, Evil Dick. (Ha! I totally just made that up! :P)

In a series of flashbacks, we travel through Bobby's memories as he tries to get away from his Reaper so he can wake up and tell the boys what he'd discovered before he was shot.
What was that, you ask? A number! What does it mean? I have no idea!

In these memories, we see the utter hell Bobby has lived through.
From his drunken, wife-beating father, whom he shot to death, to having to kill the love of his life (twice!).

It becomes clear that Bobby's most proud of 'his boys'. He realizes he's been a father to Sam and Dean and that, because of HIM, they turned out pretty darn well.
Considering he never wanted kids, he loves those boys to death. *sniffle*

I thought it was great that they brought Rufus back to help Bobby out in his memories, and be a voice of reason. I really loved the way they played off each other. We didn't often get to see Bobby and Rufus work together. Now I wish we'd seen more of it.

And I can't forget to mention how amazing both Jared and Jensen were in this episode. They didn't have many lines...they were mostly speechless with pain when they were onscreen, but their faces definitely told us enough.
Dean looks equally lost, hurt, angry and teary, and Sam quietly presses against the scar on his hand, hoping he's having another hallucination....It was painful to see them hurting so much.

The last word Bobby said to the boys was beautiful. That one word, "Ijits.", has meant so many things when he's said it to the boys...but most often it's meant, "I love you. I'm proud of you.", and the boys knew it. *tears*

We all know that there's much speculation that this is the series last season, and if it is, Jim Beaver can be proud. He's going out on a wonderful high and the writers did Bobby proud. Fans everywhere will remember that wonderful, amazing, gruff teddy bear by this episode...and we'll smile.

I knew Beaver was a great actor...He's been in many, many things and he's a talented man...but finally, FINALLY, the writers of our beloved Supernatural let him shine. His quiet tears while watching the fight with his wife to the pride in his eyes as he spoke about his boys was just such a joy to behold.

Well done, Mr. Beaver. Well done.

Did you notice?
-The headline on the back page of the newspaper Bobby's father is reading was, "The past is best left in the Past."?

Best Scenes:

Reaper: "Bobby, you've helped. You got handed a small, unremarkable life, and you did something with it. Most men like you die of liver disease, watching Barney Miller reruns. You've done enough. Believe me."
Bobby: "I don't care."
Reaper: "Why?"
Bobby: "Because they're my boys."

Bobby: "Well that's a load of crap. Who the hell were you to say?"
Ed Singer: "I'm your father. And you show your father respect."
Bobby: "The day he deserves it. You drunken bully. Punching women and kids, is that what they call fatherhood in your day?"
Ed Singer: "You deserved it. Believe me, you were nothing but ungrateful."
Bobby: "I was a kid! Kids ain't supposed to be grateful. They're supposed to eat your food and break your heart, ya selfish dick! You died and I was still so afraid I'd turn into you, I never even had kids of my own."
Ed Singer: "Good. You break everything you touch."
Bobby: "Well, as fate would have it, I adopted two boys and they grew up great. They grew up heroes. So you can go to hell!"

Dean: "Did we get licorice?"
Sam: "No, we did not get licorice. We got good snacks. Licorice is disgusting."
Dean: "I'm sorry, I didn't quite understand that, uh, Mr. "Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich.""
Sam: "I stand by that sandwich. Nobody likes licorice. It's--it's made of dirt."
Dean: "It is a classic movie food. It's right up there with popcorn."
Sam: "Popcorn?"
Dean: "Yeah."
Sam: "You're out of your mind."
Dean: "What, it's like little chewy pieces of heaven."

Best Lines:

-Dean-"Will you please tell Sam that Chuck Norris could kick Jet Li's ass."

-Bobby-"Today, you're gonna throw a ball around. Just like evry other snot-nosed little jerk."

Questions after this episode:
-IS Bobby dead?
-If so, how will Sam and Dean cope?
-What did the number that Bobby gave to the boys MEAN??
-WHEN will the Leviathan story end already?!
-Where's Crowley and what's he up to?

And that's it until January, Supernatural fans! Enjoy the winter hiatus! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and I'll see you back here January 6, 2012!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Why Have I Been MIA? This Is Why!

Minecraft. Yes, you heard me right....Minecraft. ARGH, this game has sucked me right in!

I prefer the more peaceful aspects of the game...I've become a farmer for some reason and I keep cows, chickens and sheep.
I've built a fun farmhouse and I do a bit of mining here and there.

Ajay from SPACE created a multiplayer server for SPACE crew and fans and it's been a lot of fun chatting with them while I'm deep underground.

Does anyone else play? I'd love to hear what you think about the game!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Once Upon A Time-The Price of Gold

This week we saw the tale of Cinderella. It was full of Rumple-ey goodness, which made me very happy.

In Fairytale Land, we see Cinderella make a deal with good old Rumple after he kills her Fairy Godmother.
He dresses her up all pretty and sends her to the ball, where she meets her prince, falls happily in love and gets married.
The catch, which she doesn't find out until much later?

She must give Rumpelstiltskin her firstborn child.
Working with Snow and Charming, Elle traps Rumple into making another deal which sends him to prison...and shortly afterward, Elle's love disappears.

In Storeybrooke, Emma meets a very pregnant Ashley. After Ashley disappears, Mr. Gold asks Emma to find her.
Emma realizes that Ashley was planning to give her baby to Mr. Gold after her boyfriends father persuaded her to do so.
Ashley changes her mind and tries to run....but as we find out, no one can leave Storeybrooke.

Emma and Henry find Ashley after she crashes her car, and in true TV fashion, she delivers her baby mere minutes after arriving at the hospital.

Emma asks Mr. Gold to allow Ashley to keep her child, and she and Mr. Gold strike a deal. Ashley gets to keep the child, and Mr. Gold gets a 'favour' from Emma, to be named later.
That just can't be a good thing.

In the end, we see Regina dressing and leaving a bedroom, telling the sooper-seekrit man in the shower that his socks are under the bed.
Who do we discover that sooper-seekrit man is? None other than our beloved Sheriff, who has offered Emma a deputy position on the Storeybrooke police force, which Emma accepts.

So! Here are the questions I have after this episode--

WHO is Emma? Henry seems to hint that she IS someone in Fairytale Land after saying she's 'not ready' to hear her code name yet. Hmmm!
Who is that darn Sheriff?!
Henry doesn't yet know who Mr. Gold is in Fairytale Land...When will he figure it out?
Now that Emma is putting down roots in Storeybrooke, will she be unable to leave like the rest?
What is the Sheriff's motive for asking Emma to be on the force?
Why is the sheriff sleeping with Regina? Does he actually WANT to, or is there more to it?

Now we get to wait TWO whole weeks for the next episode. ARGH!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Supernatural-The Mentalists. My Thoughts

You know, I'm really loving this season. I mean LOVING this season.
I was a big fan of the early years, and I've said it before, it REALLY feels like they writers are bringing us back to the beginning.

It starts out with a seance gone very, very wrong.
Dean hears about the odd deaths of two psychics in Lily Dale (which is a real town full of psychics, by the way!) after he boosts a shabby-looking Impala. He must really miss his baby. ;)

Dean investigates the most recent death and finds that the psychic was a sham, with recording devices and buttons that mimic the ghostly happenings.

At a local cafe, Dean runs into...SURPRISE!....his brother, Sam!

Sam is still pretty pissed, but the boys agree to work together on this case.
As they're looking at the crime photos, they get their first lead. They realize that both victims were wearing the same necklace. The track it down through the granddaughter of victim #2 and discover it's a fake.

Flash to Nikolai, a spoon-bender the boys met at the cafe. He's working with his utensils when suddenly the room grows cold.
He's then lifted by an unseen force and impaled on the utensils.  Ouch!
Sam and Dean have a look at the crime scene and the police chief mentions that Nikolai said he'd had a vision of his death.

Melanie, victim # 2's granddaughter, calls Dean. Apparently she'd just checked her voicemail and her granny had left a message foretelling her own death.
The boys realize they're dealing with an actual ghost and they confess to Melanie that they're not actually FBI agents.

Flash to Melanie's friend, Camille. After reading bones for a client, she suddenly has a vision of her death.
Dean accompanies Melanie to talk with Camille. He checks a hidden camera in Camille's house and the footage reveals the ghost.
Melanie says she recognizes the ghost from an old photo in the museum.

The boys head there and learn about the Fox sisters, who were among the founders of Lily Dale.
Kate was able to foretell one's death and levitate objects. The older sister, Margaret, was not a psychic.
The brothers find out they were buried in the cemetery.
As they're leaving, the curator takes Dean aside. He has a message from Ellen. Ah, Ellen. We miss you!
The curator tells Dean Ellen's message, "If you don't tell someone how bad it really is, she'll kick your ass from beyond."
Outside the museum, Dean confronts Sam. He apologizes for killing Amy but he knows it was the right thing to do.

The boys go to the cemetery to dig up Kate's bones. As they're about to burn them, Kate appears and pleads with Dean to listen to her.
Of course, THAT'S not going to happen and Sam burns the bones.

Dean calls Melanie to tell her it's safe and Melanie and Camille go to Camille's place. Her vision starts to happen and Melanie calls Dean back in a panic.
Dean tells her how to keep the ghost at bay, but in the end the ghost kills Camille.

In the morning, the Winchesters go to Margaret's grave and find her bones missing, which means that someone has bound them and is using Margaret to kill.
With Melanie's help, the boys discover that she's next on the ghost's list of 'people-that-need-to-die-a-horrible-death'.
Sam visits the emporium to try to find out who bought the ingredients for the binding spell. Jimmy, the emporium owner, sends him on a wild goose chase, and Sam realizes Jimmy is the killer.

At Melanie's, Margaret has shown up and Dean is trying to keep her busy until Same can find and burn the bones.

Sam goes to the address listed on Jimmy's card and breaks in. Jimmy explains that he and Margaret were both the real deal and he's tired of not getting the recognition he deserves.
When Jimmy lets his guard down, Sam shoots him dead and finds Margaret's bones in Jimmy's bed. He burns them in the nick of time, just as Margaret is about to kill Melanie.

The next day, Melanie thanks Dean for saving her life.
Dean meets up with Sam, who's putting his stuff in the trunk of Dean's stolen car.
Sam admits Dean was right to kill Amy, but calls Dean on his drinking and nightmares.
Dean finally opens up to his brother and tells Sam that he's had a hard time trusting anyone since Cas, and that he was having nightmares because he'd been lying to Sam.
After making up, the boys drive off together.

So! A fun episode that resolved some of the tension between the brothers. I enjoyed it!

What questions do we have after this episode?
-Is Dean holding anything back from Sam? I think there's more to his drinking than he's saying.
-Where are the Leviathans?
-Is Sam still hallucinating?

Best Lines:

"You are a verile manesfestation of the divine." -Cafe server to Dean.

"He broke my spoon" -Sam

"There's fake woo woo crap, then there's real woo woo crap." -Dean

"This could be looking like a needle in a stack of fake needles." -Dean

"Psychic ghost bitch on a leash." -Dean

Radio- "You’re listening to The Morning Chaos with me, Bananas Foster."
Dean- "The Hell I am, ass-hat."

Sam- "We gotta find those bones."
Dean- "So we gotta find the bonehead."

“Ugh. I can’t believe he was boning her." -Dean

“If you affirmate me, I’m going to punch you in the face.” -Dean

And lastly, I LOVED the nod to Buffy/Angel! The necklace was the Orb of Thesulah, which was used by the gypsies to restore Angel's soul. ;)
VERY cool!

So, what did you think of this episode? As always, comments are welcome!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Once Upon A Time 1.3-Snow Falls-My Thoughts

We begin with a brilliant opening in Fairytale Land.
Prince Charming is riding in a white carriage with an annoying blonde woman who turns out to be his fiancee.
A 'highwayman' ambushes them and steals the Prince's jewels from the carriage.
The Prince gives chase and discovers the highwayman is a 'girl'. She gets away and the Prince yells after her, "You can't hide from me! Wherever you go, I'll find you!"
A glimpse of things to come. ;)

In Storybrooke, we find Mary on a horrible blind date. After she exits the restaurant, she runs into Emma who is now living in her car.
Mary offers Emma a room...and Emma declines, saying she's not the roommate type.

At the hospital the next day, Mary finds Henry in 'John Doe's' room. John Doe is the coma patient who's fairytale counterpart is none other than Prince Charming.
Henry finds Emma and tells her that he's found her father and that they need to tell Mary that John is her true love.
Henry believes that if Mary reads their story to John Doe, John will wake up and remember who he is. Emma convinces Mary to do so.

As Mary is reading to John, he takes her hand.

Mary runs to get the Doctor (a new character, 'Dr. Whale'. I wonder who his fairytale character is?), who tells her everything is normal and that she must have imagined it.
After Mary leaves, the Doctor calls Mayor Regina and reports that there has been a change in John Doe's condition.

Back to Fairytale Land, Snow gets trapped in a net as she leaves her none other than Prince Charming...and we find out how he got the name 'Prince Charming'.
The Prince wants his jewels back...specifically a ring from his mother that he was going to give to his fiancee.
Snow discovers that the Prince is only marrying the 'nag' to merge the two kingdoms.
The Prince then tells Snow that he knows exactly who she is and that if she doesn't help him, he'll turn her in to the Queen.

In Storybrooke, Mary tells Emma and Henry what happened with John Doe and they all head back to the hospital, where they find John has disappeared.
They learn that Regina is John's contact person since she was the one who found him on the side of the road so many years ago and brought him to the hospital.
Regina takes Henry home and the Sheriff, Emma and Mary view the security tapes with Sleepy and Grumpy Leroy and Walter.
They discover that John left through a door that leads to the woods (Um, WHY does a door in the hospital lead directly into the woods, exactly?).
Emma, Mary and the Sheriff go after John.

In Fairytale Land, Snow tells Charming about the fairy dust she wears around her neck, and that they charges the Queen had brought against her aren't true.
Snow says the Queen blames her for ruining her life...but we don't find out exactly HOW she ruined the Queen's life.

Snow catches Charming off guard and knocks him into a river and flees...running directly into some of the Queen's men.

Snow is saved by Prince Charming, who pulls some nifty tricks with his sword and a bow. I swear, he just gets hotter and hotter as the show progresses. ;)
The two once again join forces to find the trolls Snow sold the jewels to.
In another wonderful scene, the trolls (who were very awesomely done, by the way!) discover who Snow is when they search through Charming's belongings.
She's able to get away, but the Prince gets caught while battling the trolls.
Snow returns and uses her magic fairy dust to turn the trolls into cockroaches, saving Charming's life.
We discover Charming's name...James.
The two then part ways, with Charming giving Snow the gold and Snow giving Charming the jewels. We get to see the ring when Snow puts it on to see 'if it's her style'.
You can see that both are reluctant to part ways, but they must. It's a bit of a sad goodbye for us viewers.

Back to the forest, the Sheriff tells Emma the woods are 'his world', giving me more reason to believe that he IS the Big Bad Wolf...although he's not really that bad!
Henry catches up to the trio in the woods and tells Mary that John is out there looking for her.
They find John in the water near the t(r)oll bridge. Mary starts CPR and John wakes (with true loves kiss), but doesn't remember who he is.
John arrives back at the hospital and in runs a blonde woman who looks suspiciously like the 'nag' from the carriage in Fairytale land.
Regina then tells everyone the blonde is John Doe's wife, who's real name is David Nolan. Now, if this isn't a BS move by Regina, I don't know what is.

It's obvious that she hired this woman to pretend she's 'David's' wife...and we find out that Emma agrees when she says as much to the Mayor.
Regina denies this, of course, saying she'd gone back to look at past security tapes and she'd heard John calling for a 'Catherine' in his sleep. After that, it was easy to put two and two together.
Whatever, Queenie.

Outside David's room, Catherine tells Mary that years ago, she and her husband weren't getting along and he walked out.
She thought he'd left town but now realizes that he'd obviously gotten hurt and that's why he didn't return home.

Mary goes home and we can see her playing with her ring. Yes, it's the same ring that Charming was supposed to give to his fiancee in Fairytale Land. Aww.
Emma knocks on Mary's door and asks if the spare room is still available....and now mother and daughter are under the same roof.

I really enjoyed this episode. I loved finding out more about Charming and Snow and I loved every scene in Fairytale Land.
Regina is the perfect 'evil queen'. She ticks me off just enough for me to mutter swears at my TV under my breath. ;)
I'm overjoyed that the writers have been able to produce amazing, fast-paced episodes and I truly hope they're able to keep it up all season.
Next week's episode about Cinderella looks like it'll be another hit!

What questions do we have after this episode?

-What did Snow do to the Queen that ruined her life?
-When does Snow find the dwarves and how?
-IS Catherine a fake?
-Who was Catherine's fairytale counterpart?
-Who is the Sheriff's fairytale counterpart?
-Who is Dr. Whale?
-How do Snow and Charming fall in love?
-How will David get his memory back?

And there were a few Lost references that I picked up...but, of course, I might be grasping at straws here. ;)
-Henry says, "We have to go back!" when talking to Mary and Emma in the diner about John Doe.
-Snow gets caught in a net, a la Rousseau.
-Charming's real name is 'James'.
-The wanted poster featuring Snow is just like Kate's wanted poster.

What did YOU think about this week's episode? As always, comments are most welcome!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fringe 4x5-Novation--My Thoughts

Novation means, "the introduction of something new". A new universe, a new Walter, Olivia....a new Peter.

I must say that this episode was slightly disappointing. After the big reveal 3 weeks ago, I expected more. This was It focused too much on the Truss-Nadine plot and not enough on the Peter plot...although what we did see of Peter was wonderful.

I'm also having a difficult time relating to the characters I know and love. They've changed SO much because of Peter's non-existence, I feel like I'm almost back to season 1 and having to get to know them all over again.
To be honest, I miss MY Walter, Olivia, Astrid, etc.

But I digress! Onto the episode!

The human shape-shifter is back and she kidnaps Dr. Truss, a former Massive Dynamics employee. It seems that Truss was working on a project that involved cellular regeneration and replication.
Nadine, the shape-shifter, convinces Truss to help her with a story about how his research cured her cancer but left her cells unstable, so she's still dying.

Back at the FBI office, Peter meets with Walter and that...doesn't go well. Peter realizes that he was SUPPOSED to die in both timelines and that because he was saved, he created a paradox and had to be deleted. 
It's interesting to note that no one remembers the Observers either.

Olivia and Lincoln go talk to Nina to find out more about Truss and we learn that Nina raised Olivia and her sister after their mother died. VERY interesting!
Nina explains what Truss was working on and tells them that Bell shut down the project.

At the FBI building, crafty Peter rigs his intercom and overhears Broyles, Olivia and Lincoln talking about shape-shifters. Peter chimes up and tells them that he knows all about the memory discs that are implanted in the shifters and that's he's even decrypted a few himself.

He offers to help if they'll allow him to talk to Walter again. Olivia agrees and voila, Peter is once again working with the Fringe Division!

In a touching scene, we see Walter back at the lab going through an old metal lunchbox that belonged to his son. Inside we see the coin and Walter walks it along his fingers as he taught Peter to do as a boy.

Nadine takes Truss to a lab that her people built according to his plans. He has everything he needs to continue his work. He quickly figures out what's wrong with her and tells her he can help.

Nina visits Walter at the lab and tells him they need to try to get past their differences. Walter tells Nina that he's hated her for 25 years...that he blames her for Peter's drowning...and that over the years he's realized that he deserves to be punished.
He tells her that when he saw Peter at the FBI offices, he saw his son in the man's eyes and felt 'indescribable joy'...and that he doesn't deserve that joy.
So sad.

Back at Fringe Division, Peter is a huge help when he finds that these aren't just plain old memory chips.
These new shape-shifters can change into anyone they've ever taken. They replicate their victims down to the molecular level, making it impossible to detect the shifters from the real people.

Back with Truss and Nadine, he injects her and she reacts badly, changing into his ex-wife. Truss freaks out and tried to run, but she stops him. 
She explains that she didn't tell him the whole truth. His research did create her, but she's not done. He needs to complete his work.
He tries to fake a new serum but she's too smart for that and breaks his hand.

Peter finds a tracking system inside the shifter and Olivia and Lincoln find Truss.

Nadine takes the serum and flees, with Olivia hot on her heels.
The shifter pulls some crazy Spiderman moves and apparently jumps off the roof and into the water below.
Of course, we find out that the conscious agent is indeed Nadine when they pull a body out of the water, and when we next see the ambulance, it's empty.

Back at FBI HQ, Olivia experiences some kind of time-shift when she's handed the hourly reports twice by the same person.
Olivia is then rejected by Lincoln when she asks him out for a bite to eat. She's obviously having an off night.

Walter once again goes to see Peter and Peter asks him to help find out why no one remembers him.
Walter lovingly takes Peter's face in his hands and says he's always wondered what his son would look like as a man...and then says he doesn't deserve Peter and that he can't help him.

Back to the shape-shifter, she injects herself at the train station and the serum works.
We next see her in a uniform at a typewriter...and of course, she gets a reply from the other side.
It seems a lot more shape-shifters are on their way!

Questions I have after watching:
How will Peter get Walter to help him?
How will Peter make the others remember?
Will Walter accept Peter?
Is Olivia interested in Lincoln?
Who is Nadine taking to in the alternate universe?
What are the shape-shifter's plans?
What was that time-shift Olivia experienced?

The glyphs spelled- STILL
What does that mean? I have NO idea.

And did you spot the Observer?

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Supernatural-Slash Fiction--My Thoughts

So this episode opens with Sam and Dean robbing a bank and then brutally slaying all of the hostages.

Wait, what?!

Nah, not really. It was Sam and Dean doppelgangers, courtesy of the Leviathans!

With Bobby busy trying to kill the Leviathan from last week's awesome episode, it was up to the boys to stop their doubles.
Bobby sent them to Frank...a conspiracy nut who also happened to be pretty darn hilarious.
Frank gave the boys new ID's, new phones and a new car....complete with My Little Pony hanging from the rear view mirror. Of course, Dean was NOT too happy about that...although in the most hilarious scene ever on the show, he seemed to really enjoy the Air Supply on the radio.

After Dean's awesome lip syncing show, Sam figured out that the Leviathan doubles were hitting towns where the boys had previously had cases...going right back to the pilot episode.
Knowing that, they were able to figure out where the Leviathans would hit next.

Back at Casa Bobby, Sheriff Mills shows up unannounced with food and a six pack! After a quick sandwich, Bobby goes downstairs to do some more playing with the Leviathan prisoner.
The Leviathan takes Bobby's form and in a sad little scene, attempts to taunt Bobby.
Upstairs, Sheriff Mills accidently spills something and uses Borox to clean it up...which drips through a crack in the floor and lands on the Leviathan, burning the crap out of it!
Well, Bobby is so happy with this discovery that he gives the Sheriff a nice, big smooch!
It's about time Bobby had some romance in his life!

Sam and Dean arrive in Iowa and just as they spot their doubles, they're arrested by Colonel Tigh and his deputies!
Seriously, how awesome was it to see the old Colonel as a guest star? I loved him in BSG!

Ahem, anyway!

The boys are arrested and of course, the Leviathan doubles are quite happy with this turn of events, slaughtering a bunch of cops on their way to kill the boys.

Colonel Tigh allows Dean his phone call and Bobby is able to tell Dean about the Borox.
Tigh sees one of his officers chowing down on someone through a window, and Dean is able to convince the cop to help them.
He lets Dean go and in a fun scene, Leviathan Sam does battle with Dean...and Dean chops his head off after burning him with the Borox.
Meanwhile, Leviathan Dean is with Sam, having a little chat...and tells Sam about Dean killing Amy. *gasp* There it is, folks! We knew it had to happen!

Dean and Tigh kill Leviathan Dean and Tigh helps the boys get away, then lies to the 'FBI' so that Sam and Dean are once again declared dead.

Back at the cabin, just when we think Bobby is going to be all romantic and ask Sheriff Mills out....he hands her the Leviathan head and asks her to throw it in the lake.
What a guy, that Bobby!

At the police station, it's revealed that the FBI agent is a Leviathan and he kills Colonel Tigh. Aww.

In the next scene, we FINALY get to see the Leviathan Boss, who seems to be a politician of some stature.
The Boss gets into his limo and who poofs up in the seat across from him? CROWLEY!

And he brought a gift! 100% organic baby muffins! Aw, what a nice guy, that Crowley!

Crowley proposes a deal with the Leviathan Boss and is promptly shot down. It seems the Leviathans dislike demons just as much as they do humans. Interesting!

Back to Sam and Dean, Sam confronts Dean and tells him he knows what happened to Amy.
Sam then leaves Dean and walks off into the sunset.

I thought this episode was a lot of fun and we finally got some answers to some of the questions I've been asking.
We got to see crazy-killer sides to Sam and Dean, we got a great Pulp Fiction nod with the scene in the diner, and we got to hear the writers make fun of the boys in some of the lines the Leviathans had.

Best Lines:

Bobby-"Great. Just what we need, A Mensa monster."

Dean-"Sons of bitches Xeroxed us."

Sam-"The usual?"
Dean-"Rhymes with sing song."

Dean--"No one puts baby in a corner."

Dean-"Okay, let me get Mr. Wizard on speed dial."

Leviathan Sam: "Wanna trade? I mean, I’ll take Chuckles over schizo."
Leviathan Dean: "Nah. I like this one’s hair better. You can stay in the big one."


Will Sam and Dean make up?
Will Sam be able to forgive Dean?
Will Bobby and Sheriff Mills become a couple?
Will Crowley now try to make a deal with the Winchesters?
When will the boys find the Leviathan boss?
How will the boys find the rest of the Leviathans to kill them?

And as always, questions and comments are welcome!

Monday, 31 October 2011

Once Upon A Time 1.2-The Thing You Love Most-My Thoughts

After last weeks brilliant pilot, episode two had some big shoes to fill...and it didn't disappoint.

We open where we left off last week, with Henry watching the clock start to move again.

I really loved the opening sequence, with the townsfolk going about their morning (and noticing the the clock is once again ticking) while Cat Steven's plays 'Don't Be Shy'.

We then see Regina flipping through the pages of Henry's story book. This, and the look on her face, lead me to believe that maybe she DOESN'T remember being the evil queen!
She discovers the last few pages are missing and confronts Henry about it, who brushes her off.

Regina then heads over to Emma's room at the B&B with a peace offering...a basket of juicy red apples (HA!).
She then proceeds to threaten Emma again and we flash to the fairy tale world.

The Evil Queen is in her castle just after her trip to Snow White and Prince Charming's wedding.
We get our first glimpse of the Magic Mirror. The effects here are great, but I really disliked what they did to his voice. He sounds so he's talking through a really bad phone connection.

The Queen tells the Mirror and her henchman about the curse she plans to use and they try to talk her out of it.
Of course, that doesn't work so Queenie heads over to Maleficent's to get her curse back.
Maleficent is played by the awesome Kristin Bauer (Pam from True Blood)
In a VERY cool scene, the two witches battle it out, with the Evil Queen winning and taking the curse.

The Evil Queen gathers the Evil League of Evil together and convinces them to help with the curse. This was another great scene. The witch with her eyes sewn shut was especially creepy.

The Evil Queen's attempt at the curse fails and when an evil little gnome laughs at her, she turns him to stone....Which we then see in Regina's garden is Storybrooke.

The editor of the local newspaper, Storybrooke Daily Mirror (can you guess who he was in fairy tale land?) shows up as Regina is picking some apples in her garden and she threatens him. She REALLY likes to threaten people.

Meanwhile, Henry meets up with Emma and she walks him to school. Henry explains that the residents of Storybrooke have been walking around in a haze for decades, not aging, not remembering and not realizing anything is wrong.
Henry gives Emma the missing pages from the story book and tells her to read them.

Emma then runs into Mary and asks who Henry thinks she is from the story book. Emma's face is priceless when Mary says 'Snow White'.

Emma heads over to Archie's office to talk to the shrink. Archie gives Emma Henry's file to read.
Of course, this is a set up and the police show up at Emma's door because Archie reported that Emma had stolen the Regina told him to.

Regina shows up at Henry's school to tell him Emma was arrested and tells him Emma is a con man.
Of course, Henry doesn't believe a word.

Emma tries to convince the sheriff that she's being framed and Henry walks in with Mary, who bails Emma out.

In a kickass scene, Emma goes to Regina's and cuts a branch off her apple tree with a chainsaw...and then threatens Regina.

Flash over to fairy tale land where the Evil Queen is talking to her henchman about the curse not working.
The henchman tells her she has to go find out why it didn't work from the source.
She goes to see our dear Rumpelstiltskin!
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Robert Carlisle is BRILLIANT is this role. He completely steals the whole scene!
He's so much fun to watch!

Rumpelstiltskin makes a deal with the Evil Queen. He'll tell her what she wants to know if she'll give him money and power in the new land...and if she promises to do everything he asks there as long as he says, 'please'. She agrees because he won't remember her promise in the new land...or so she thinks!

Rumpelstiltskin tells her that to make the curse work, she must cut out the heart of the person she loves the most and use it as a sacrifice.
The Queen's first response is, "What I loved most died because of Snow White." Oooh...what could that be, I wonder?
She then realizes that there IS another person she loves.

Back in Storybrooke, Grandma kicks Emma out of her room at the B&B...again because of Mayor Regina, and the sheriff goes to talk to Regina about Emma. She threatens him (again with the threatening?!) and he explains to her that it's just going to go back and forth between Regina and Emma unless Regina steps up to be the bigger person.
Regina calls Emma and invites her over for a chat.
She apologizes to Emma and explains that she feels threatened by her. She's worried that Emma will try to take Henry away from her.
Emma tells Regina that she's just worried about Henry, considering all of the crazy stories he's come up with.
Henry overhears this...because Regina knew he'd be there to hear it...and he runs off after he hears Emma say he's crazy.

Back to fairy tale land where the Evil Queen is conflicted about her decision. She tells her henchman what Rumple said and the henchman realizes HE is the one she loves the most. We then discover that the henchman is the Evil Queen's father. Ooh, didn't see that twist at all!

Her father tries to convince her not to do it. That's she's better than this. That she needs to let go and start over and find love again.
The Queen can't let go of what Snow did to her...what she took away from her...and she feels she must punish Snow White.
The Queen then kills her father.

In Storybrooke, Emma goes to see Mary to pay back the bail money. The two then bond over cocoa with cinnamon and cookies (but neither of them realize they're bonding).
Emma wants to leave Storybrooke, but Mary convinces her to stay.

Henry is visiting with Archie and Emma shows up. Archie tries to explain that the mayor made him call the police and Emma understands.
Emma then tells Henry that she doesn't think he's crazy. She tells him she told Regina what she needed to hear and that if the curse is real, the only way to break it is by tricking the Evil Queen into thinking they're non-believers.
Emma then throws the pages from the book into the fire so Regina will never see them.
Henry is overjoyed and gives Emma a hug. D'aww. *sniffle*

Back in fairy tale land, the Evil Queen's curse works.
She goes to her father's headstone to tell him she loves him...and we see his name was Henry. *gasp!*

In a fabulous the last scene, Mr. Gold shows up as Regina is again out with her apple tree. Gold tells her that Emma hasn't left town after all.
He tells her she should have come to him to get rid of Emma. Regina replies, "I'm not in the business of making deals with you anymore."
Gold asks which deal she's referring to and then guesses she means, "The boy I procured for you."
He goes on to tell her what a lovely name she chose for her son and inquires how she chose it.
Regina asks Gold if he wanted Emma to come to town. She wonders where he found Henry. She asks him if he knows something. She asks him who Emma really is.
When Gold tries to leave without answering, Regina tries to make him answer.
Gold refuses and says, "I'm not going to answer you. So I suggest you excuse me.....please."
And Regina lets him go with a stunned look on her face.

So! Another brilliant episode, in my opinion! It's been a long, long time since I looked forward to a show like this (since Lost!).
I find myself paying close attention to every detail, scanning the background for hints and clues and easter eggs.
I love the effects, the acting (even Henry has grown on me!), the plots, the guest stars....Okay, I love everything about this show!

Now, what questions do we have after this episode?

-Does Regina remember being the Evil Queen? After that last scene with Mr. Gold, I think she does.
-Does Mr. Gold remember? Again, after that last scene, I'm going with a yes.
-Who is the Sheriff? I still say he's the big bad wolf...although he's not seeming very bad to me.
-What did Snow White take from the Queen? Possibly Prince Charming? Hmm.
-How will Emma and Henry try to get everyone to remember?

And the Lost references I picked up in this episode:
-Emma's room at the B&B was #4.
-Archie had a framed photo of an island on the wall of his office.
-Henry's school uniform had a lighthouse in the crest.

I'm sure there are more I missed! Did anyone else see any? What were your thoughts on tonight's episode?

As always, questions and comments are welcome!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Supernatural-Shut Up, Dr. Phil

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a big Buffy fan...and a HUGE Spike fan in particular... so this episode was a real treat for me. I was so happy it didn't disappoint!

In the most light episode so far this season, the amazing James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter play a pair of married witches who's relationship is on the rocks.

Both still look gorgeous and it was just so much fun to see them together again!

Okay, enough fawning over the Buffy alum...

Dean's guilt seems to be slowly eating away at him. He's having nightmares and his drinking is almost out of control. Of course, Sam wants to talk about it but Dean being Dean, he won't open up to his brother.

The deaths/near deaths in this episode were very inventive!

Baking under a hairdryer (why couldn't she get out, exactly?), boiled in a hot tub, nail gunned in a port-a-potty, choking on a beating heart cupcake, decapitation with a silver platter.

I'm really hoping we see James Marsters back in a future episode. I mean, the guy is the only one so far that can mess up a Leviathan!
Speaking of which, WHY didn't Sam and Dean find out what spell Don used to knock the Leviathan out?!

Best lines:
-Dean, to Sam: "Why don't you just run home, 'Lance'?"
-Sam, to Dean: -"Really? From a....friggin' flask? What are you? 'Bad Santa'?" 

-Dean (on the phone)-"Bobby, hey, it's Dean. *pause* Winchester! *pause* Yeah, very funny."

-Dean, while eating a whole pie: "Dude. Pie."

-Don- "You're one to talk! 1492 ring a bell?"
Maggie?-"The man was about to set sale. He could possibly fall off the end of the earth!"

-Dean, to Sam: "The Lindberg baby? My fault. Unemployment? My bad."

What's the Leviathan's next move?
How bad is Dean's drinking going to get?
What is Sam going to do about Dean's drinking?
Will Don be back?
How will the boys defeat the Leviathans?
Will Sam find out about Amy? And when?

Let's hear your thoughts about Shut Up, Dr. Phil! Comments here or over on the SPACE Facebook page are always welcome!

Happy Birthday, Teddy Wilson!

Today (October 26) is Teddy Wilson's birthday!

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE birthdays. Not just my own, but anyone's birthday!
I always try to make birthdays very special...I've thrown more surprise parties than I can count!

Being a big fan of the SPACE channel and being lucky enough to consider Teddy a friend, I decided to write a little something in honour of his special day.

So without further adieu, here's a little something I call--

A Poem For Teddy
By Christina B.

A day for Teddy, that loveable geek.
(You know, at his age, he's considered antique.) ;)
Lets see how he started, our dear Teddy-boy, 
In this little poem, I hope you enjoy.

Eastern Ontario is the place he called home, 
Our nation's capital gave us this handsome gnome.
A child actor! Believe it or not.
On a national show (that I liked a lot).

"You Can't Do That On Television", is what it was called.
With Ross and the slime and the water and all.
Our Teddy was "Ted" then, when the show biz bug bit,
Fast forward to college! Where he read, learned, and, er....writ. ;)

With an Honours B.A. in Political Sci,
Away to Toronto, our Teddy did fly!
With a day job in politics, and nights in comedy,
He eventually moved on, and joined MTV.

A few years producing, then again, on he moved.
This time to SPACE...and the station improved. ;)
As on-air reporter, his very first gig,
Was Lucas at Skywalker Ranch, WOW,  that's BIG!

InnerSPACE came along, and he joined Ajay Fry,
Now the two go together, like science and Nye.
Four nights a week, they'd head-butt and conflict,
Ted's, "They're building an army!" became a favourite subject.

Now five nights a week, and with Cynthia Loyst, 
InnerSPACE added beauty, more brains, a new voice.
The show keeps him busy, with celebs and events,
But Teddy stays grounded, he has no pretense.

So what does he do in his free time, you ask?
Why he plays the drums, in a band that's kickass!
His band is called Huddle, (you should buy their CD!),
Their music is wicked, have a listen and see!

Teddy also likes comics and movies and Sam,
(Sam is his girlfriend! A hawt redhead and genre fan!)
He lives a charmed life, and he knows that he's blessed.
"I'm so lucky! I know it!", he's been known to confess.

I'm so honoured to say that I've met Teddy twice, 
And in person, I promise that he IS just as nice.
He gives hugs and takes photos, a kind word for each viewer,
He's smart, sweet and funny, he has definite allure. ;)

So today, my friend Teddy, on this, your birthday, 
May you always be loved, live your dreams, ever play.
That's my wish for you, all the best that life brings,
Happy birthday, dear Teddy! (Please don't let Ajay sing!) ;)

I hope y'all enjoyed it! I'm pretty darn proud of it, myself. ;)
(Praise, pats on the back and general fawning are always welcome in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter!)

Monday, 24 October 2011

Much Ado About Nothing?

Twitter and entertainment news sites are all abuzz today with this news.

Apparently Joss had time to film this while he was shooting The Avengers!

And according to Nathan Fillion's Twitter, "Oh, it's real. Very. Very. Real."


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Once Upon A Time-Pilot-My Thoughts

You know, I wasn't planning on blogging about this series. I mean, I already post about too many shows, right?

And then I watched the pilot. Holy COW, I love this show. I mean, LOVE. There are no words strong enough to explain the love I feel for this show.

From the amazingly strong beginning to the emotional fist-pumping ending, I was literally glued to my TV.

Some of the highlights for me:

I loved the awesome cameo by Warren Christie (Alphas) as the married blind date guy.

Every single one of the flashbacks.

Robert Carlisle was brilliant as Rumpelstiltskin. He stole every scene he was in.

The characters around the table. I spotted red Riding Hood and Grandma, Doc, one of the seven dwarves, Jiminy Cricket, Geppetto and Pinocchio, and the Blue Fairy came in with the tree.

Did you spot Grumpy whistling "Whistle While You Work" in the cell next to Emma's?

Prince Charming being alive (in a coma?) in the hospital and Mary Margret bringing him flowers.

The clock ticking once at the end. 

Some observations:

Poor Emma and her sad little birthday cupcake with one candle. I'm glad the writers got into a bit of her backstory...being abandoned on the side of the freeway, growing up in foster homes. That gives her a way to relate to Henry.

The Evil Queen is the Mayor. Does she remember? I think she does. And it's obvious Mr. Gold does too.

The Sheriff...The Big Bad Wolf?

Does Mary Margret know Prince Charming? 

I'm a little iffy about the kid. I'm not sure I like him yet. GOOD child actors are so hard to find.

Did you spot the Lost references? Here are the few I found:

The clock is stopped at 8:15.
Henry lives at house number 108.
Emma has a Geronimo Jackson bumper sticker.

I'm really crossing my fingers that the show can keep up the pace and story-telling as well as it did in the pilot. 
I'm looking forward to next week!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Supernatural-Defending Your Life-My Thoughts

It's great to have another monster of the week episode. It definitely feels like the show is going back to its roots (finally!).

This episode was so heartbreaking. I was so glad to see Jo back, and she was brought back in a really great way.
She did her best to try to defend Dean while on the stand.

It was so heart-wrenching that it had to be Jo who was going to kill Dean, but she made sure to tell him that Osiris is making her do it...The whole scene between Jo and Dean at the hotel was just beautifully done.

He finally opens up and admits how guilty he feels for bringing Sam (and Jo) into hunting and Jo gets a chance to tell him her death isn't on his hands.
The tender last moment when Jo touched Dean's cheek before she disappeared brought tears to my eyes.

I enjoyed the opening homage to Stephen King, with the car and the dog. I was waiting for the creepy clown to pop up next, but WHY does no one ever stay in the salt when they're told to stay in the salt?! 

Dean probably made the right choice, not letting Osiris (who was played brilliantly, by the way) call his third witness. You know it would have been Amy, right?
And you also know that when Sam DOES find out what Dean did to Amy, it will happen at the worst time possible because the writers just love to torture us (and the boys) that way!

I was kind of hoping they'd go to Osiris in the future to ask for help defeating the Leviathans....I guess that might still be possible since the fix is temporary.

I really enjoyed this episode. We had some great character development in both Sam, who we now know is happier than he was in hell (Um, ya think?) and really doesn't feel much guilt about anything he may have done in the past, and Dean, who (hopefully) realizes that he doesn't need to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Where are the Leviathans?
WILL Sam find out about Amy?
Will some of Dean's guilt lessen after the talk with Jo?
Will Dean stop drinking so much now? ;)

Best lines:
Sam-"What is it? Some kind of ghost?"
Dean: "With a license?......*pause, grin*.....A license to kill!"

Sam, to Dean-"I saw that on 'The Good Wife'."

Dean, to Sam-"This whole thing's like an episode of Pee Wee's Playhouse."

The Rabbi, to Sam-"I'm guessing you're not here for Bar Mitzvah lessons."

What did YOU think of this week's episode? I'd love your thoughts! Comments are always welcome!

Next week's episode is one I'm REALLY looking forward to. It guest stars Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters, who played Cordelia and Spike on Buffy and Angel!
I can't wait to see it!

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2 Premiere-What Lies Ahead

So, WOW, Right?! I mean....WOW!

BEST premiere of the new fall season, BEST Walking Dead episode yet!

My heart was in my throat and I watched while peeking through my fingers during the first 30 heart-stopping minutes.
You were just waiting for the moment a hand was going to reach under a car and grab someone!

The balance of quiet anticipation and full out zombie-bashing was fantastic, and this episode showed a lot of character development.
-Rick's steely demeanor while Daryl is slicing open the walker and pawing through the innards, and his almost brazen attitude while killing the zombies.

-Daryl saving T-Dog's life not once, but TWICE.
-Andrea moving on from pathetic 'poor me' to finally standing up for herself, making her own decisions.
-Shane deciding to leave the group because he's tired of being the third wheel (and tired of the guilt he feels).
-Carl stepping out of the background and finding a cache of weapons and going on the search for Sophia.

Every scene in this episode was poignant and important, although I found Rick's scene in the church a little over done.

And holy CRAP, what an ending!

You think the writers are giving you a treat. A reminder that in a world full of death and chaos and terror, beauty can be found...and then, BANG.
I literally yelled out loud (a very bad word that I won't repeat here) at my TV when the shot went off.

The only bad side to watching it live was all of the commercials. Seriously, AMC?! Do we really need a commercial break every 5 minutes??

Because of that, I'll be PVRing all future episodes and watching them later in the evening.

Things to think on:
Where is Sophia?
How long will they look for her?
Who shot Carl?
Will Shane and Andrea leave?
Who was transmitting the radio signal and are they still alive?

Most gruesome scene: Daryl gutting the zombie. The sounds and gore were awesomely disgusting!

Best zombie kill: Daryl's shot with the crossbow through the eye of the walker in the forest.

Let's hear your thoughts about this episode!
Comments are always welcome!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Fringe-Subject 9-My Thoughts

Finally, with Subject 9, we're back to the Fringe I know and love! The best episode so far this season.

We open in Olivia's bedroom, where she wakes to find a big blue ball of energy hovering over her bed. As she points her gun at it, it disappears. She finds that all the metal in the room is in the middle of the floor.

At the lab, Walter is conducting an experiment with a peanut (and Astrid mentions shrimp, which was a great Buffy nod!) and mentions watching the Matrix, which was another great shout out.

Olivia tells Walter about the energy ball and she shows a burned spot on her arm where the energy touched her and asks Walter if it's possible she's causing it.
Walter avoids the question and walks away. Finding a letter from St. Claire's in the pocket of Olivia's jacket, he steals a peek and realizes they want Olivia to make the decision to commit him again. He quickly hides the letter back in her jacket before she can see him.

Back at Olivia's apartment, Astrid and Olivia are taking readings. On his monitor, Walter sees Olivia get trapped in the bathroom a minute before it actually happens.
Again, the large ball of energy appears in front of her before it poofs away.

Many differences come out in this episode, a big one being that apparently Olivia has always remembered the cortexiphan trials and she's never met any of the other cortexiphan children.
Walter tells Olivia of a boy who had an astral projection ability (remember that from the title sequence?), but the ability had a side effect that created a distortion in the magnetic field that would attract metal objects to himself.
Walter explains that maybe, because of the deep bond the cortexiphan children shared, this boy may now be targeting Olivia because she was the favourite child.

Olivia and Astrid head to Massive Dynamic to see what Nina knows about 'Subject 9'. Finally, we get to see Nina again, and it appears that she's a very different Nina.

Walter has a great one-sided exchange with Nina in Astrid's ear full of venom and anger. I laughed!
In this reality, Nina and Olivia appear to be VERY close, with Nina being a mother-figure to Olivia, even mentioning being a part of Olivia's teen years.

While searching through Massive Dynamics files, Olivia tells Astrid about the cortexiphan trials and that she got out when she ran away.
They find Subject 9's file, who is a boy named Cameron James.

They head back to the lab, where they find Walter waiting by the door with a suitcase. After being confined to the lab (by choice) for three years, he now wants to go help Olivia talk to Cameron.
He tells Astrid, "Claire, would you please man the cameras in my absence."
Astrid replies, "Really? Claire? That doesn't even start with an 'A'"
Yes, that made me laugh out loud.

Walter and Olivia arrive at Cameron James' apartment and find it empty. Walter notices there' s no metal at all in the apartment and it appears Cameron has changed his name to Mark Little.
After a weird bit of flirting from Walter, the neighbour tells them Mark will be back in the morning.

Olivia and Walter find a hotel where Walter promptly has a major freak out, screaming, smashing lamps and overturning furniture because of his germophobia.
Olivia calms him down and Walter apologizes, saying Elizabeth, his wife, used to say he was a man of contradictions. He then tells Olivia that she killed herself after Peter died as a child.

Olivia decides that maybe going out for root beer floats is a better idea than staying at the hotel.

I love the exchange between Olivia and Walter at the cafe. Their relationship is so loving and so caring and it's a real joy to watch.

Walter tells Olivia that he read the letter from St. Claire's. Olivia tells him that whatever she decides to do, she's only trying to do what's best.
Suddenly, the big blue ball appears in the cafe.

Olivia and Walter escape through the broken window and the energy ball follows Olivia, disappearing when it's hit by a car.

Olivia pulls rank on the local PD, showing the lieutenant a paper with Broyles name and Broyles boss's name on it.
Whoever Broyles boss is, he must be pretty powerful because the cop backed right off.

Olivia and Walter head back to Little's apartment. As they talk along the way, we find out that in this reality, none of the cortexiphan children's abilities lasted any longer than 24 hours.

Olivia goes inside, leaving Walter outside on a bench. Little tries to run when Olivia mentions the name Cameron James.
As he's running, he bumps into Walter who's come inside and recognizes him. Olivia catches up and tries to shake the truth out of him, asking him why he's doing this to her.
Walter tells Olivia not to kill the guy and Little recognizes Olivia's name. He tells her it's not him that's doing anything.
He can no longer astral project but he still has the awful side effects.
As he's talking, the energy ball appears and then disappears when Subject 9 gets upset and shouts, stopping it.

Walter thinks Little may be able to neutralize the energy with some amplification from a power sub-station.
Little tells Olivia that when his powers first came back, he thought something was attacking him and he wonders if it's Olivia bringing on the energy balls. Olivia says she never had side effects from the trials as an adult.

The energy ball once again appears after they arrive at the power station and Little tries to neutralize it. Olivia sees a man inside the energy ball and fires her gun into the air to break Little's concentration and the energy ball disappears.

At Reiden Lake, in an awesome display of symbolism, a naked Peter comes up from the bottom of the lake he once went down in.
A man and his son in a fishing boat rescue him as the Observer watches on.

Olivia tells Walter that she can feel the man didn't want to hurt her and that he needed her help.
Broyles calls Olivia to tell her about a man that was found in a lake. The man apparently knows more than he should about Fringe Division and he's asking for Olivia by name.

At the hospital, Walter notices that the letter in Olivia's jacket pocket has been filled out and the look of relief on his face when he sees that she won't be committing him is just wonderful.

Olivia walks into the hospital room and we get our first glimpse of Peter this season, and may I say he's a sight for sore eyes.
"Olivia, thank God you're here", he says.
His face drops when Olivia replies, "Who are you?"

Of course, that's where it ended, in classic Fringe fashion. And then we find out that we have to wait TWO WHOLE WEEKS for the next episode because of the stupid baseball playoffs. Argh.

-Where was Peter?
-Who is Broyles boss?
-Why does Peter remember?
-How will he make everyone else remember?
-How did Peter get through?

The Glyphs spelled RESET.