Monday, 17 October 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2 Premiere-What Lies Ahead

So, WOW, Right?! I mean....WOW!

BEST premiere of the new fall season, BEST Walking Dead episode yet!

My heart was in my throat and I watched while peeking through my fingers during the first 30 heart-stopping minutes.
You were just waiting for the moment a hand was going to reach under a car and grab someone!

The balance of quiet anticipation and full out zombie-bashing was fantastic, and this episode showed a lot of character development.
-Rick's steely demeanor while Daryl is slicing open the walker and pawing through the innards, and his almost brazen attitude while killing the zombies.

-Daryl saving T-Dog's life not once, but TWICE.
-Andrea moving on from pathetic 'poor me' to finally standing up for herself, making her own decisions.
-Shane deciding to leave the group because he's tired of being the third wheel (and tired of the guilt he feels).
-Carl stepping out of the background and finding a cache of weapons and going on the search for Sophia.

Every scene in this episode was poignant and important, although I found Rick's scene in the church a little over done.

And holy CRAP, what an ending!

You think the writers are giving you a treat. A reminder that in a world full of death and chaos and terror, beauty can be found...and then, BANG.
I literally yelled out loud (a very bad word that I won't repeat here) at my TV when the shot went off.

The only bad side to watching it live was all of the commercials. Seriously, AMC?! Do we really need a commercial break every 5 minutes??

Because of that, I'll be PVRing all future episodes and watching them later in the evening.

Things to think on:
Where is Sophia?
How long will they look for her?
Who shot Carl?
Will Shane and Andrea leave?
Who was transmitting the radio signal and are they still alive?

Most gruesome scene: Daryl gutting the zombie. The sounds and gore were awesomely disgusting!

Best zombie kill: Daryl's shot with the crossbow through the eye of the walker in the forest.

Let's hear your thoughts about this episode!
Comments are always welcome!

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