Thursday, 6 October 2011

Supernatural, Hello Cruel World--My Thoughts

So, how about those cliffhangers, huh? Whoa!

The episode opens exactly where we left off last week, which was great. Castiel's vessel is melting and he takes off.

Dean and Bobby find Sam, who's in the middle of a hallucination about our good friend, Lucifer.

The boys and Bobby follow Casviathan to a lake, where Cas seems to poof into a bunch of black goo.

That can't be it, right? They wouldn't kill Cas off without a bang, would they? He'll be back, RIGHT?!

We have a sad (but short) scene where Dean lifts Cas's trench coat out of the lake and he brings it with them as they leave.
I bet that'll have a place of honour in the Winchester, um...trunk.

The Leviathans spread through the water to the pipes, infecting a little girl and a bomb expert.

Sam confesses to his hallucinations, but he isn't sure whether to believe Dean or Lucifer, seeing as both are telling him the other isn't real. Poor Sam.

Over at the hospital, we meet up with Sheriff Mills, who's in having her appendix taken out. It's good to see her again, right? She was cool.

The little girl Leviathan decides that being a little girl sucks, so she heads over to the hospital to take over a surgeon so she and her Leviathan buddies can feast properly. Apparently Leviathans eat human organs. Yummmmmmy!

Dean goes out to investigate a high school massacre (yep, the Leviathans are there too!), leaving Bobby with Sam.

Sheriff Mills calls Bobby and tells him her Doctor is eating people's livers. Of course, Bobby runs to the rescue, leaving Sam alone. Um, probably not a good idea.

Bobby rescues Sheriff Mills and the Leviathans make a meal out of the head nurse and the hospital administrator.

Back at Bobby's, Dean shows up and takes Sam for a ride. But, of course, Dean isn't Dean, he's Lucifer! Dun dun DUN!

Deancifer tries to convince Sam that the hallucinations will end if he kills himself and real-Dean tracks Sam down through Sam's GPS, which Dean conveniently turned on earlier that day.

Sam is shooting at Lucifer...I have NO idea why...When Dean walks in.
I really loved the next scene, where Dean brings Sam back to earth and shows him what's real and what's not. That was really touching. (Pun intended)

Out of the hospital, Bobby calls Sam and they decide to meet back at Bobby's place. When Sam and Dean arrive, they find Bobby's house a burned, smoldering ruin.
Noooooo! All those books! Those scrolls! Those spells and ancient relics!

But where is Bobby?!

Sam and Dean split up and search for Bobby. Dean leaves a very heartfelt message on Bobby's answering machine and then they run into the bomb-expert Leviathan.

It throws Dean like a ragdoll, breaking Dean's leg. The boys squish it with a car, but not before it bashes Sam in the head with a tire iron.

With Sam unconscious and his own leg broken, Dean calls 911. You know things are horrible when Dean calls 911!

In the ambulance, Sam has a seizure and Dean realizes they're going to the very same hospital that's been taken over by the Leviathans....and back in Bobby's yard, black goo runs back under the car and fingers twitch....

I thought this was a solid episode. It really feels like Supernatural is going back to its roots, which, in my opinion, is a very good thing.

Best lines:

Dean to Sam-"Why would the Devil holodeck you a whole new life....?"

TV Commercial while the little girl Leviathan is channel surfing-"It's like a salad bar, but with pie!"

Bobby- "Just lost one of the best friends you ever had, your brother's in the bell-jar, purgatories most wanted are surfin' the sewer lines, but, yeah. Yeah, I get it. Right. You're fine."
Dean -"Good."
Bobby- "'Course, if at any time you want to decide that's utter horse CRAP, well, I'll be where I always am. Right here."
Dean- "What? You want to do couples yoga or you want to get back to hunting the big bad?"
Bobby- "Shut up. Idjit."

Gossipy lady in the hospital to Sheriff Mills_ "He might not know your appendix from your vagina."

Bobby to Dean- "Hey, what am I? Chopped brains on toast?"

Sheriff Mills- "Kiss my ass, Dr. Monsterface."

Bobby- "Hey, Sam. You having a little bag lady moment?"

Dean to Sam- "This discussion does not require a weapons discharge!"

Bobby's answering machine message- "This is Bobby Singer's direct hotline. You should NOT have this number."

Questions that need answering:

Where is Bobby?!?! (Maybe in the panic room??)
How the hell do you kill those Leviathans?
What are the Leviathans intentions?
Who is 'The Boss'?!

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