Book Review Policy

I'm currently NOT accepting any books for review.
I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

To contact me about a future review, please email me at JustAGirlGeek (at) gmail (dot) com.

I'm currently accepting YA, MG or adult books for review from publishers or publicists. I'm not currently accepting books for review from self-published authors.

My favourite genres are dystopian, horror, paranormal, historical fiction, supernatural and fantasy/sci fi, but I will consider most other genres.
I DO NOT accept erotica, overly-preachy Christian books, chick-lit or non-fiction.

Physical and digital (Kindle) copies are both accepted but physical copies are given preference.

I do review every book I read, but I cannot guarantee that I will finish every book offered, nor can I guarantee that my review will be positive.  I give my honest thoughts and opinions on the book, from MY perspective. I am not a professional book reviewer. I will not, however, ever attack or criticize an author.
I do NOT rate books. You will see no starred reviews here. 
Feel free to click around my blog to see the types of reviews I've written.

Included in my review posts are:  book cover and trailer (if applicable), publication details (page count if a physical book, release date, etc.), the book source (publisher, author, Net Galley, etc.), author's name, amazon link (or other link where readers can purchase the book) and my personal review.

I typically cross-post my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook. 

Reviews will be posted within two weeks of the release date (often directly ON the release date), unless you request otherwise. Then I will do my best to post the review on the date you've requested.

I will never sell an ARC. Any books given to me for review may be used for giveaways unless the author/publisher requests otherwise. ARCs will only be offered as giveaways AFTER the release date. Only physical copies are used for giveaways. Digital ARCs will be deleted.
Along with books, I also often include 'swag' provided by the author or publisher in my giveaways. Please feel free to include such items (bookmarks, postcards, buttons, etc.) with your book if you would like me to include it in a future giveaway. 

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