Friday, 20 February 2015

Oscars 2015

With two days to go before the big show, I finally found time to post my Oscar picks! 'cause I know how y'all wait for my picks every year, right? RIGHT?!

Okay, first up, supporting actress:
Patricia Arquette.

BOOM, that was easy!

Next, supporting actor:
J.K. Simmons. No contest. He KILLED IT. 

Another easy one, yay!

Best actress: 
Julianne Moore. My god, she was brilliant. So were Reese and Felicity, but Julianne would get my vote. 

Man, these are easy this year!

Best actor: 
Okay, this one is tough. Michael Keaton will probably win it, but Bradley Cooper was crazy-good and could win if the vote is split. Of course, my heart is with my boyfriend EDDIE REDMAYNE. (SHUTUPHEISTOOMYBOYFRIENDSHUTUP), so I'm choosing him.
Guys, he WAS Stephen Hawking. He was absolutely wonderful. I lub him.

Writing, adapted screenplay:
Whiplash. God damn I loved that movie.

Writing, original screenplay: 
Boyhood. It's too unconventional to not win.

Best Director: 
Richard Linklater. His movie was so out-of-the-box. The Academy loves that crap.

Best animated movie:
The LEGO Movie. I don't care that it wasn't nominated. It should win.

Best movie:
Birdman. I think they'll give Linklater the directing Oscar, but give Birdman the picture. I'd LOVE to see Whiplash win because it was ny favourite of all the nominated movies, but that'll never happen. Not in a year so full of brilliance.

And there you have it! My picks for 2015! I'd love to hear your picks and thoughts on mine!