Saturday, 30 March 2013

Doctor Who-- The Bells Of Saint John

We did it, you guys! We got through the long, hard winter and finally, FINALLY, welcome back another episode of Doctor Who!

I'm not going to do a full recap--you guys can find that anywhere and, also, you JUST watched it! You don't need me to tell you what happened! ;)

As a mid-season premiere, I thought it was just okay.
But as a basic episode, I loved it. It DID take me 2 viewings to figure that out, though! I was on the fence at first.

Here's a quick rundown of my thoughts--

I loved the beginning. Did it remind you guys of Sherlock? Me too! Tricksy Moffat!

What the heck was that 'say it again' thing all about?! Why did the Doctor make Clara say his name so much there? Was it just another nod to the whole 'Doctor Who' question?

Two BIG questions--Who put that password into the families WiFi (Run You Clever Boy) and, even more important, who was the lady in the shop that gave Clara the TARDIS phone number?!
My guess about the latter? River.

Clara skipped age 23 in her book of 101 Places to See. Why?

What's the leaf all about?

How much did you LOVE that Amelia Williams wrote the book the young boy was reading? *sigh*, I miss you, Ponds!

Looks like the Great Intelligence is going to be the big bad for the second half of the series. Veeeeery interesting!

And did you notice that Clara is now a total computer genius? Familiar, no? Don't know about you, but that clinches to me that Clara and Oswin (Asylum of the Daleks) ARE the same person, and now we know how Oswin got to be as savvy as she is!

Oh, and off topic, because I've been asked many times today, OMG YES I'M VERY OKAY WITH TENNANT AND PIPER RETURNING FOR THE 50TH AHHHHHHHH!
I just REALLY hope it's Ten and not 10.5 (the DoctorDonna Doctor, remember?) returning.

Okay, your turn! Did you enjoy The Bells of Saint John? What are your thoughts about Clara? The GI?
I'd love to hear what you guys think!