Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Supernatural-Shut Up, Dr. Phil

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a big Buffy fan...and a HUGE Spike fan in particular... so this episode was a real treat for me. I was so happy it didn't disappoint!

In the most light episode so far this season, the amazing James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter play a pair of married witches who's relationship is on the rocks.

Both still look gorgeous and it was just so much fun to see them together again!

Okay, enough fawning over the Buffy alum...

Dean's guilt seems to be slowly eating away at him. He's having nightmares and his drinking is almost out of control. Of course, Sam wants to talk about it but Dean being Dean, he won't open up to his brother.

The deaths/near deaths in this episode were very inventive!

Baking under a hairdryer (why couldn't she get out, exactly?), boiled in a hot tub, nail gunned in a port-a-potty, choking on a beating heart cupcake, decapitation with a silver platter.

I'm really hoping we see James Marsters back in a future episode. I mean, the guy is the only one so far that can mess up a Leviathan!
Speaking of which, WHY didn't Sam and Dean find out what spell Don used to knock the Leviathan out?!

Best lines:
-Dean, to Sam: "Why don't you just run home, 'Lance'?"
-Sam, to Dean: -"Really? From a....friggin' flask? What are you? 'Bad Santa'?" 

-Dean (on the phone)-"Bobby, hey, it's Dean. *pause* Winchester! *pause* Yeah, very funny."

-Dean, while eating a whole pie: "Dude. Pie."

-Don- "You're one to talk! 1492 ring a bell?"
Maggie?-"The man was about to set sale. He could possibly fall off the end of the earth!"

-Dean, to Sam: "The Lindberg baby? My fault. Unemployment? My bad."

What's the Leviathan's next move?
How bad is Dean's drinking going to get?
What is Sam going to do about Dean's drinking?
Will Don be back?
How will the boys defeat the Leviathans?
Will Sam find out about Amy? And when?

Let's hear your thoughts about Shut Up, Dr. Phil! Comments here or over on the SPACE Facebook page are always welcome!

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