Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Supernatural-Defending Your Life-My Thoughts

It's great to have another monster of the week episode. It definitely feels like the show is going back to its roots (finally!).

This episode was so heartbreaking. I was so glad to see Jo back, and she was brought back in a really great way.
She did her best to try to defend Dean while on the stand.

It was so heart-wrenching that it had to be Jo who was going to kill Dean, but she made sure to tell him that Osiris is making her do it...The whole scene between Jo and Dean at the hotel was just beautifully done.

He finally opens up and admits how guilty he feels for bringing Sam (and Jo) into hunting and Jo gets a chance to tell him her death isn't on his hands.
The tender last moment when Jo touched Dean's cheek before she disappeared brought tears to my eyes.

I enjoyed the opening homage to Stephen King, with the car and the dog. I was waiting for the creepy clown to pop up next, but WHY does no one ever stay in the salt when they're told to stay in the salt?! 

Dean probably made the right choice, not letting Osiris (who was played brilliantly, by the way) call his third witness. You know it would have been Amy, right?
And you also know that when Sam DOES find out what Dean did to Amy, it will happen at the worst time possible because the writers just love to torture us (and the boys) that way!

I was kind of hoping they'd go to Osiris in the future to ask for help defeating the Leviathans....I guess that might still be possible since the fix is temporary.

I really enjoyed this episode. We had some great character development in both Sam, who we now know is happier than he was in hell (Um, ya think?) and really doesn't feel much guilt about anything he may have done in the past, and Dean, who (hopefully) realizes that he doesn't need to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Where are the Leviathans?
WILL Sam find out about Amy?
Will some of Dean's guilt lessen after the talk with Jo?
Will Dean stop drinking so much now? ;)

Best lines:
Sam-"What is it? Some kind of ghost?"
Dean: "With a license?......*pause, grin*.....A license to kill!"

Sam, to Dean-"I saw that on 'The Good Wife'."

Dean, to Sam-"This whole thing's like an episode of Pee Wee's Playhouse."

The Rabbi, to Sam-"I'm guessing you're not here for Bar Mitzvah lessons."

What did YOU think of this week's episode? I'd love your thoughts! Comments are always welcome!

Next week's episode is one I'm REALLY looking forward to. It guest stars Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters, who played Cordelia and Spike on Buffy and Angel!
I can't wait to see it!

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