Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Happy Birthday, Teddy Wilson!

Today (October 26) is Teddy Wilson's birthday!

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE birthdays. Not just my own, but anyone's birthday!
I always try to make birthdays very special...I've thrown more surprise parties than I can count!

Being a big fan of the SPACE channel and being lucky enough to consider Teddy a friend, I decided to write a little something in honour of his special day.

So without further adieu, here's a little something I call--

A Poem For Teddy
By Christina B.

A day for Teddy, that loveable geek.
(You know, at his age, he's considered antique.) ;)
Lets see how he started, our dear Teddy-boy, 
In this little poem, I hope you enjoy.

Eastern Ontario is the place he called home, 
Our nation's capital gave us this handsome gnome.
A child actor! Believe it or not.
On a national show (that I liked a lot).

"You Can't Do That On Television", is what it was called.
With Ross and the slime and the water and all.
Our Teddy was "Ted" then, when the show biz bug bit,
Fast forward to college! Where he read, learned, and, er....writ. ;)

With an Honours B.A. in Political Sci,
Away to Toronto, our Teddy did fly!
With a day job in politics, and nights in comedy,
He eventually moved on, and joined MTV.

A few years producing, then again, on he moved.
This time to SPACE...and the station improved. ;)
As on-air reporter, his very first gig,
Was Lucas at Skywalker Ranch, WOW,  that's BIG!

InnerSPACE came along, and he joined Ajay Fry,
Now the two go together, like science and Nye.
Four nights a week, they'd head-butt and conflict,
Ted's, "They're building an army!" became a favourite subject.

Now five nights a week, and with Cynthia Loyst, 
InnerSPACE added beauty, more brains, a new voice.
The show keeps him busy, with celebs and events,
But Teddy stays grounded, he has no pretense.

So what does he do in his free time, you ask?
Why he plays the drums, in a band that's kickass!
His band is called Huddle, (you should buy their CD!),
Their music is wicked, have a listen and see!

Teddy also likes comics and movies and Sam,
(Sam is his girlfriend! A hawt redhead and genre fan!)
He lives a charmed life, and he knows that he's blessed.
"I'm so lucky! I know it!", he's been known to confess.

I'm so honoured to say that I've met Teddy twice, 
And in person, I promise that he IS just as nice.
He gives hugs and takes photos, a kind word for each viewer,
He's smart, sweet and funny, he has definite allure. ;)

So today, my friend Teddy, on this, your birthday, 
May you always be loved, live your dreams, ever play.
That's my wish for you, all the best that life brings,
Happy birthday, dear Teddy! (Please don't let Ajay sing!) ;)

I hope y'all enjoyed it! I'm pretty darn proud of it, myself. ;)
(Praise, pats on the back and general fawning are always welcome in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter!)


  1. Wow!!! Fantastic!! Brought tears to my eyes!!

  2. Great job, Christina!

  3. It doesn't get much more heartfelt than that. Great job, Christina.