Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Once Upon A Time-The Price of Gold

This week we saw the tale of Cinderella. It was full of Rumple-ey goodness, which made me very happy.

In Fairytale Land, we see Cinderella make a deal with good old Rumple after he kills her Fairy Godmother.
He dresses her up all pretty and sends her to the ball, where she meets her prince, falls happily in love and gets married.
The catch, which she doesn't find out until much later?

She must give Rumpelstiltskin her firstborn child.
Working with Snow and Charming, Elle traps Rumple into making another deal which sends him to prison...and shortly afterward, Elle's love disappears.

In Storeybrooke, Emma meets a very pregnant Ashley. After Ashley disappears, Mr. Gold asks Emma to find her.
Emma realizes that Ashley was planning to give her baby to Mr. Gold after her boyfriends father persuaded her to do so.
Ashley changes her mind and tries to run....but as we find out, no one can leave Storeybrooke.

Emma and Henry find Ashley after she crashes her car, and in true TV fashion, she delivers her baby mere minutes after arriving at the hospital.

Emma asks Mr. Gold to allow Ashley to keep her child, and she and Mr. Gold strike a deal. Ashley gets to keep the child, and Mr. Gold gets a 'favour' from Emma, to be named later.
That just can't be a good thing.

In the end, we see Regina dressing and leaving a bedroom, telling the sooper-seekrit man in the shower that his socks are under the bed.
Who do we discover that sooper-seekrit man is? None other than our beloved Sheriff, who has offered Emma a deputy position on the Storeybrooke police force, which Emma accepts.

So! Here are the questions I have after this episode--

WHO is Emma? Henry seems to hint that she IS someone in Fairytale Land after saying she's 'not ready' to hear her code name yet. Hmmm!
Who is that darn Sheriff?!
Henry doesn't yet know who Mr. Gold is in Fairytale Land...When will he figure it out?
Now that Emma is putting down roots in Storeybrooke, will she be unable to leave like the rest?
What is the Sheriff's motive for asking Emma to be on the force?
Why is the sheriff sleeping with Regina? Does he actually WANT to, or is there more to it?

Now we get to wait TWO whole weeks for the next episode. ARGH!

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