Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Supernatural-Slash Fiction--My Thoughts

So this episode opens with Sam and Dean robbing a bank and then brutally slaying all of the hostages.

Wait, what?!

Nah, not really. It was Sam and Dean doppelgangers, courtesy of the Leviathans!

With Bobby busy trying to kill the Leviathan from last week's awesome episode, it was up to the boys to stop their doubles.
Bobby sent them to Frank...a conspiracy nut who also happened to be pretty darn hilarious.
Frank gave the boys new ID's, new phones and a new car....complete with My Little Pony hanging from the rear view mirror. Of course, Dean was NOT too happy about that...although in the most hilarious scene ever on the show, he seemed to really enjoy the Air Supply on the radio.

After Dean's awesome lip syncing show, Sam figured out that the Leviathan doubles were hitting towns where the boys had previously had cases...going right back to the pilot episode.
Knowing that, they were able to figure out where the Leviathans would hit next.

Back at Casa Bobby, Sheriff Mills shows up unannounced with food and a six pack! After a quick sandwich, Bobby goes downstairs to do some more playing with the Leviathan prisoner.
The Leviathan takes Bobby's form and in a sad little scene, attempts to taunt Bobby.
Upstairs, Sheriff Mills accidently spills something and uses Borox to clean it up...which drips through a crack in the floor and lands on the Leviathan, burning the crap out of it!
Well, Bobby is so happy with this discovery that he gives the Sheriff a nice, big smooch!
It's about time Bobby had some romance in his life!

Sam and Dean arrive in Iowa and just as they spot their doubles, they're arrested by Colonel Tigh and his deputies!
Seriously, how awesome was it to see the old Colonel as a guest star? I loved him in BSG!

Ahem, anyway!

The boys are arrested and of course, the Leviathan doubles are quite happy with this turn of events, slaughtering a bunch of cops on their way to kill the boys.

Colonel Tigh allows Dean his phone call and Bobby is able to tell Dean about the Borox.
Tigh sees one of his officers chowing down on someone through a window, and Dean is able to convince the cop to help them.
He lets Dean go and in a fun scene, Leviathan Sam does battle with Dean...and Dean chops his head off after burning him with the Borox.
Meanwhile, Leviathan Dean is with Sam, having a little chat...and tells Sam about Dean killing Amy. *gasp* There it is, folks! We knew it had to happen!

Dean and Tigh kill Leviathan Dean and Tigh helps the boys get away, then lies to the 'FBI' so that Sam and Dean are once again declared dead.

Back at the cabin, just when we think Bobby is going to be all romantic and ask Sheriff Mills out....he hands her the Leviathan head and asks her to throw it in the lake.
What a guy, that Bobby!

At the police station, it's revealed that the FBI agent is a Leviathan and he kills Colonel Tigh. Aww.

In the next scene, we FINALY get to see the Leviathan Boss, who seems to be a politician of some stature.
The Boss gets into his limo and who poofs up in the seat across from him? CROWLEY!

And he brought a gift! 100% organic baby muffins! Aw, what a nice guy, that Crowley!

Crowley proposes a deal with the Leviathan Boss and is promptly shot down. It seems the Leviathans dislike demons just as much as they do humans. Interesting!

Back to Sam and Dean, Sam confronts Dean and tells him he knows what happened to Amy.
Sam then leaves Dean and walks off into the sunset.

I thought this episode was a lot of fun and we finally got some answers to some of the questions I've been asking.
We got to see crazy-killer sides to Sam and Dean, we got a great Pulp Fiction nod with the scene in the diner, and we got to hear the writers make fun of the boys in some of the lines the Leviathans had.

Best Lines:

Bobby-"Great. Just what we need, A Mensa monster."

Dean-"Sons of bitches Xeroxed us."

Sam-"The usual?"
Dean-"Rhymes with sing song."

Dean--"No one puts baby in a corner."

Dean-"Okay, let me get Mr. Wizard on speed dial."

Leviathan Sam: "Wanna trade? I mean, I’ll take Chuckles over schizo."
Leviathan Dean: "Nah. I like this one’s hair better. You can stay in the big one."


Will Sam and Dean make up?
Will Sam be able to forgive Dean?
Will Bobby and Sheriff Mills become a couple?
Will Crowley now try to make a deal with the Winchesters?
When will the boys find the Leviathan boss?
How will the boys find the rest of the Leviathans to kill them?

And as always, questions and comments are welcome!

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