Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fringe 4x5-Novation--My Thoughts

Novation means, "the introduction of something new". A new universe, a new Walter, Olivia....a new Peter.

I must say that this episode was slightly disappointing. After the big reveal 3 weeks ago, I expected more. This was It focused too much on the Truss-Nadine plot and not enough on the Peter plot...although what we did see of Peter was wonderful.

I'm also having a difficult time relating to the characters I know and love. They've changed SO much because of Peter's non-existence, I feel like I'm almost back to season 1 and having to get to know them all over again.
To be honest, I miss MY Walter, Olivia, Astrid, etc.

But I digress! Onto the episode!

The human shape-shifter is back and she kidnaps Dr. Truss, a former Massive Dynamics employee. It seems that Truss was working on a project that involved cellular regeneration and replication.
Nadine, the shape-shifter, convinces Truss to help her with a story about how his research cured her cancer but left her cells unstable, so she's still dying.

Back at the FBI office, Peter meets with Walter and that...doesn't go well. Peter realizes that he was SUPPOSED to die in both timelines and that because he was saved, he created a paradox and had to be deleted. 
It's interesting to note that no one remembers the Observers either.

Olivia and Lincoln go talk to Nina to find out more about Truss and we learn that Nina raised Olivia and her sister after their mother died. VERY interesting!
Nina explains what Truss was working on and tells them that Bell shut down the project.

At the FBI building, crafty Peter rigs his intercom and overhears Broyles, Olivia and Lincoln talking about shape-shifters. Peter chimes up and tells them that he knows all about the memory discs that are implanted in the shifters and that's he's even decrypted a few himself.

He offers to help if they'll allow him to talk to Walter again. Olivia agrees and voila, Peter is once again working with the Fringe Division!

In a touching scene, we see Walter back at the lab going through an old metal lunchbox that belonged to his son. Inside we see the coin and Walter walks it along his fingers as he taught Peter to do as a boy.

Nadine takes Truss to a lab that her people built according to his plans. He has everything he needs to continue his work. He quickly figures out what's wrong with her and tells her he can help.

Nina visits Walter at the lab and tells him they need to try to get past their differences. Walter tells Nina that he's hated her for 25 years...that he blames her for Peter's drowning...and that over the years he's realized that he deserves to be punished.
He tells her that when he saw Peter at the FBI offices, he saw his son in the man's eyes and felt 'indescribable joy'...and that he doesn't deserve that joy.
So sad.

Back at Fringe Division, Peter is a huge help when he finds that these aren't just plain old memory chips.
These new shape-shifters can change into anyone they've ever taken. They replicate their victims down to the molecular level, making it impossible to detect the shifters from the real people.

Back with Truss and Nadine, he injects her and she reacts badly, changing into his ex-wife. Truss freaks out and tried to run, but she stops him. 
She explains that she didn't tell him the whole truth. His research did create her, but she's not done. He needs to complete his work.
He tries to fake a new serum but she's too smart for that and breaks his hand.

Peter finds a tracking system inside the shifter and Olivia and Lincoln find Truss.

Nadine takes the serum and flees, with Olivia hot on her heels.
The shifter pulls some crazy Spiderman moves and apparently jumps off the roof and into the water below.
Of course, we find out that the conscious agent is indeed Nadine when they pull a body out of the water, and when we next see the ambulance, it's empty.

Back at FBI HQ, Olivia experiences some kind of time-shift when she's handed the hourly reports twice by the same person.
Olivia is then rejected by Lincoln when she asks him out for a bite to eat. She's obviously having an off night.

Walter once again goes to see Peter and Peter asks him to help find out why no one remembers him.
Walter lovingly takes Peter's face in his hands and says he's always wondered what his son would look like as a man...and then says he doesn't deserve Peter and that he can't help him.

Back to the shape-shifter, she injects herself at the train station and the serum works.
We next see her in a uniform at a typewriter...and of course, she gets a reply from the other side.
It seems a lot more shape-shifters are on their way!

Questions I have after watching:
How will Peter get Walter to help him?
How will Peter make the others remember?
Will Walter accept Peter?
Is Olivia interested in Lincoln?
Who is Nadine taking to in the alternate universe?
What are the shape-shifter's plans?
What was that time-shift Olivia experienced?

The glyphs spelled- STILL
What does that mean? I have NO idea.

And did you spot the Observer?

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