Thursday, 29 September 2011

Supernatural, Meet The New Boss-My Thoughts

So here we are. The premiere of Supernatural, season 7.

Now, I wasn't at all a fan of season 6, so I was really looking forward to this episode.

Holy hell, it didn't disappoint. BEST  Supernatural premiere, ever!

Misha Collins is ah-frickin-mazing. His performance in this episode was absolutely flawless.

Cas standing in the meadow, talking to his angels, "You need a Father". The camera pulls back and we see him surrounded by dead angels. GREAT shot!

But really, Cas smiting hypocritical preachers, KKK members and motivational speakers? Then curing leprosy and blindness? Um, not seeing anything wrong here. :P

Hallucinating Sam? *sigh*
Is anyone else getting tired of the problems that surround the boys? Dean goes to hell, Dean comes back from hell, Sam goes to hell, Sam comes back from hell, Sam is soulless, Sam's wall falls...
Let someone else have a turn for God's Castiel's sake! ;)

Ah, Mark Sheppard. How I love thee.
How hilarious was Crowley living in a trailer park, surrounded by symbols that didn't help? LOL!
And when he was preparing for the smiting, with his arms up and eyes closed? Crowley, you so funny!

How awesome was it to see Death again? Dean sure does know how to please him! Fried pickle chips as an offering? Good job, Dean!
Great scene between Cas and Death!

And what a nice guy, that Death. He tells the boys how to get rid of the souls AND he makes another eclipse for them. Aww, he has a soft spot for those Winchesters.

Crazy-Cas was so disturbing to watch. The camera work during the slaughter scene was seriously creepy!

In the end, Cas comes home to the only family he knows after Sam calls. He just wants to be forgiven. So sad. :(

I really, really enjoyed this episode and I'm looking forward to next week for sure!

Best lines from the episode:
"Trench-coat on a tortilla?"-Bobby

"He was young and sexy. He wore a raincoat."- Church Lady


"I just pray to God it's true."-Dean
"We need to come up with a new saying for that."-Bobby

"You giraffe."-Crowley

"Excuse me, you got any grey poupon?" -Dean

"I found the God-thingy." -Dean

"Because we said so and we're the boss of you."-Dean

"You can't kill us. Death is our bitch."-Dean

"I know God. You, sir, are no God."-Death

"Asian cartoon porn."-Dean

"Hi, Sam. Long time, no spooning."-Lucifer

"I really over-reached."-Cas
"Ya think?"-Dean

Questions to be answered:

Where is Sam?!
Is Cas really dead?
What, exactly, IS a Leviathan?
Is Lucifer our of the cage, or is Sam hallucinating?
Where is God?

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