Saturday, 24 September 2011

Doctor Who, Closing Time--My Thoughts

Well then. Let's start at the beginning, shall we? ;)

The Doctor is wearing his new green coat again. Since 'Let's Kill Hitler', he's worn it only every second episode. Significant?

The Doctor working in a shop? LOVE!

The whole elevator/transporter scene--Hilarious!

'Petrichor perfume. For the girl who's tired of waiting.'

I hope you all remember 'petrichor' from 'The Doctor's Wife'? 'The smell of dust after it rains'. 
Oh, Sexy. You knew it all, didn't you?

And how sad was it when he hid from Amy and Rory. He's so proud of her. *sniffle*

Aww, a wee little Cybermat! 'It's quite cute--AHHHH!"

The Doctor's scene with Stormy in the nursery...How touching and sad was that? Yes, I teared up. :(

And like I'd predicted, 200 years have passed for the Doctor between 'The God Complex' and 'Closing Time'.
I hope one day we get to see some of what he did in those 200 years.

Again, Matt Smith is brilliant. He's so young, but can play someone so old. I just adore him.

And how about the last few scenes at Craig's, huh?
TARDIS blue envelopes? A stetson? Ah, it comes full circle.

The episode itself was fun. The Cybermen plot was severely lacking, but it was fast-paced and the jokes were hilarious and it has all kinds of touching scenes that make me happy.

And now I get to the last ten minutes of 'Closing Time'.

So...River's in the suit, huh? Well, for now, at least? Who knows what Moffat may change before 'The Wedding of River Song' airs? 
Who do I think is in the suit? River, absolutely.

Now let's throw around some wacky theories!

Who is Madame Kovarian? 
Could she be an earlier regeneration of Melody Pond? Possibly even an earlier Melody from a completely different timeline, who, like older-Amy, is pissed at the Doctor because he abandoned her?
Or is she just some crazy-lady working for the Silence?

And, hey, remember Canton Delaware?
Let's look at his name, shall we?

Canton--Italian--Canto. Latin--Cantus

Canto - the highest part (usually the melody) in a piece of choral music.
The word comes from Italian, meaning "song" or singing.

Delaware--A major river on the Atlantic coast of the United States.

So, um...Canton Delaware's name means Song River. Is your mind blown yet?

IS Canton yet another regeneration of Melody??
If so, why did he not try to kill the Doctor in the White House when they 'first' met?

Of course, the name could just be another red herring...right? ;)


What will happen now? The Doctor goes back to Lake Silencio, where it all began. 

And the rest we find out in the finale, 'The Wedding of River Song'.

Here's the prequel for that episode.

And here's the next-time trailer.

It's bittersweet, really. I'm so excited to finally see how it all ends, but I'll miss the show so damn much!

Ah, well...See you all next week!

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