Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fringe: 'Neither Here Nor There'--My Thoughts

Believe it or not, I wasn't a Fringe-watcher until recently. I knew I should be. I knew it was a show I would like. Hell, it's made by the same man who gave us Lost....of course I'd love it!

But I'd just never made the effort...until this summer. I downloaded and caught up on all three season in a matter of weeks, so now I watch alongside everyone else! Hooray!

So, here are my thoughts on the season 4 premiere--

It felt very much like a pilot episode, which I think was the point. There were TONS of nods to the pilot in this episode.

Did you all catch Peter flash in during the exchange between Olivia and Altlivia at the beginning? Whoa!

December says to September that it's their responsibility to make sure events play out as they were intended "before your intervention". Which intervention? When he interrupted Walter from finding a cure for Peter or when he saved Peter from drowning?

Oooh, orange opening!
The list of words in the intro: 

Quantum entanglement
Philosopher's stone 
Viral therapy
Ethereal plane
Time paradox 
Psychic surgery

I'm not even going to pretend I know what most of those mean! ;)

Olivia doesn't know Lincoln. Hmm.
And I like this Lincoln. Yummy geekiness.

How about that new observer with September? Younger than the rest, I think!

This Olivia seems sad and a little colder. More detached...except with Walter. Then her warmth comes out.
On the flip side, Astrid seems more cold towards him, and lacks the patience she used to have with him.
AND she seems to get out in the field more, which I like.

Another glimpse of something that may have been Peter in the lab, after Walter disses Walternate.
I've gone through the scene frame by frame on my HDTV, and to me, it almost looks like it's a quick flash of three different people bleeding through.
It's very blurry and distorted, though, so it may just be Peter. 

Walter's growing an ear again! Ha!

Astrid, "I'm going to, ahh...I'm gonna need to check her anus." LOL!

Poor Walter, hiding in the tank from the man in the mirror. :(

It seems that John died from the toxin...and it seems like Olivia is still in mourning. I'm guessing she didn't get the closure from the consciousness transfer in the deprivation tank.

Anyone notice Olivia wearing color? Blue. Not just black. Another difference.

Walter is also much more sad and quiet. He doesn't have the spunk and humor he usually has. Not knowing Peter has definitely changed everyone!

Holy crap, human shape-shifters?!

LOVED the amazing job they did with the bridge between the worlds. The two different windows...awesome.

Walter, afraid to leave the lab, has made it his home. I just want to hug him! :(

Oooh, September has a change of heart! He cares for Peter! I'm seeing a possible Observer revolt happening in the future!

And then we have Peter on the TV screen.

Peter must be doing something, wherever he is, to find a way home. It has to be his doing, right??

While I enjoyed this episode and I think I can manage a few more without him, I do hope they bring him back soon.

Here's the trailer for 'One Night in October', next weeks episode. It looks AWESOME!


  1. Very nice. If you write about Fringe every week, I'll be reading them every week!

  2. I believe I shall! I mean, it's got the twists and turns and puzzles that DW has, so it's just as much fun to speculate about, right? :D