Thursday, 8 September 2011

Doctor Who, The Rebel Flesh--My Thoughts

First...Muse? Awesome!

Okay, so it's OBVIOUS the Doctor knows more than he's letting on about the monastery, the gangers and the flesh!
The 'Doctor' has clearly been there before. He steps out of the TARDIS talking about the cockerel before it has been seen by anyone. Knows that the building is a 13th century monastery before he takes 4 steps. Knows that the people coming are 'almost people'. And knows that the flesh is early technology.

So HOW does he know these things??

At the beginning, he wants to drop Rory and Amy off for fish and chips. Why? What does he want to do alone?

The snow globe! Why does he keep checking it? It looks to me like a little model of the monastery inside.

Nice to see Hatch-Patch Lady back again!

Here are my theories--

I think the Doctor has been through this before somehow. I wonder...and this is WAY, WAY out there...but I wonder if Amy might be a clone.
I think the Silence may have switched her when they had her and she's been ganger Amy since Day of the Moon.
This would explain the "pregnant/not pregnant" thing.

The ganger Doctor--WHOA! Didn't see that coming AT ALL!

This adds a whole new twist to the series!
Is the ganger Doctor who gets shot in The Impossible Astronaut? Is it possible that he somehow gets away in the next episode and lives for 200 years? Hiding beneath the Queen's skirt, dancing in a Laurel and Hardy movie, escaping from prison in a balloon? ...and then the real Doctor, OUR Doctor is the one in the astronaut suit and shoots the ganger Doctor?
Or, perhaps it's a red herring. The ganger will die at the end of the next episode and we'll once again be left wondering. ;)

The gangers--Did you notice the sneezy guy? And the guy that had the wedding ring on a chain around his neck (his ganger did not)? How about the Doctor's shoes dissolving in the acid?
I'm guessing these will the ways the TARDIS crew will be able to tell the difference between the gangers/real people.

And I must say I LOVED Rory is this episode! He's really become a favourite of mine this season! I'm pleasantly surprised at that. :)

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