Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fan Expo 2011--A First Timers Experience

I was so, SO lucky to attend my very first con, Fan Expo Canada in Toronto on Sunday, August 28.

You see, on Burdin's Comics (a local comic shop) Facebook page, he posted that he'd be having his annual bus trip on the Sunday and that the tickets would be $10 off.
Well, how could I pass that up?

I'd been waffling back and forth for not go...
Seeing that post made up my mind for me.

And I'm so frickin' glad I went.

I spent most of my time at the SPACE booth, since I feel like I know that awesome crew so well.

I met a great Facebook friend, Frank, and hung out with him.

Spent a little bit of time talking with the always-awesome, Ajay Fry, who I love to learn the ins and outs and behind the scenes stuff from!

I met the fabulous Robin Dunne from Sanctuary, Laura Mennell and Warren Christie from Alphas.

And another wonderful internet friend, the talented author, Nikki Stafford.

Yes, I did a once-around to see all the booths and the autograph sessions...But really, I was happy to be in my comfort zone, hanging with MY people....People I can relate to...People I like!

The InnerSPACE panel was fun, too!

And, of course, I have to mention the fact that I was standing less than 5 feet away from William Shatner during his interview with Teddy Wilson.

Speaking of Teddy, I DID get to see him and talk with him...and I did get a hug, of course. Teddy was SO busy this time that I didn't really see him much. 
Next time, Teddy!

My Daleks were a big hit. I'd made 15 and had 4 left at the end of the day. I gave those to Annabelle to give out at the SPACE offices. ;)

So, you can see, it was  GREAT day, full of friends and fun. :)

The highlights?

Ajay waving at me from the panel. That made me LOL.
Meeting Nikki Stafford!
Meeting Joanna, one of the awesome SPACE producers!
Ajay handing me an autographed pic of him, complete with personal message just for me. That actually made me tear up! It was so sweet that he'd thought of me. :)
Mark Askwith's story about a drunken Lance Henrickson!
Hanging with Annabelle. :)
Seeing Katie Sackhoff and Marina Sirtis from afar!
John Astin literally bumping into me and then apologizing for it!
Annabelle snagging a photo of me with Robin Dunne!
Talking Alphas and Heroes with Laura and Warren.
Seeing Sam!

Next year, I cosplay! ;)

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