Sunday, 11 September 2011

Doctor Who, The Girl Who Waited--My thoughts

This was one episode I've been anticipating for months and it didn't let me down.
Wow....WOW. Amazing acting, wonderful directing, great score and fabulous writing!
Karen Gillan was outstanding (finally!) as older Amy. She deserves a BAFTA nod for sure!

And this episode definitely deserves a Hugo nod!
This was the "Doctor-light' episode of the season and I really didn't miss him much!
The end was touching, and yes, I cried. ;)
Rory saying to the Doctor, "You're turning me into you!". Sad, but true. This is a harder, more unfeeling Doctor than we're used to seeing. :(

One thing bugged me, though. The Amys had to think of something very important to get younger-Amy into the correct time stream...So they thought about the Macarena and her first kiss with Rory?
Really? Not HER DAUGHTERS BIRTH?? A KISS was the most important thing?!

Lastly, one thing I've noticed...There seems to be a lot of 'double-Amy's' this season.
Ganger Amy, Teselecta Amy, Doll Amy, older Amy... Is there a reason for this theme? Does Moffat have something up his sleeve? Is he trying to tell us something with all these Amy's?

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