Thursday, 8 September 2011

Doctor Who, The Curse of the Black Spot--My Thoughts

It was...okay. Not horrible, but not great. Just okay. There were some continuity issues that bugged me and the story could have been better. What was the point of the kid (Toby), really?
Where did the pirate that Toby scratched with the cutlass go? One second he was there baracading the door, the next, when Avery and the Doctor went to get everyone, he was gone. Error or something more meaningful? Very Moffat-esque if it will eventually mean something!


 "It's fine. You're doing fine". Is she a midwife? Is Amy giving birth in another reality/timeline/dimension and we're getting flashes of what THAT Amy is seeing?
Reflective surfaces can be doors to other dimensions. Didn't the astronaut that shot the future Doctor come from a very calm, REFLECTIVE lake? Hmmm!
Rory dying. Again. He's become the "Kenny" Of Doctor Who. It's getting a little tiresome, IMO!
The Siren. Very spooky and very cool!

So what if this season of Doctor Who is backwards? My first thought was the the first 2 episodes were a part of the finale episode...But now I'm wondering if the WHOLE season might just be flipped around!
The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon WERE the two-part finale! And the finale we'll see in September/October is actually the FIRST episode.
Curse of the Black Spot is actually episode 11, The Doctor's Wife is episode 10, etc.

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