Thursday, 8 September 2011

Doctor Who, Let's Kill Hitler--My Thoughts

My mind is seriously blown! What an episode! Fast-paced, non-stop!
First--Alex Kingston was BRILLIANT in this episode. If DW was an American show, she'd deserve an Emmy, and I hope she does get a BAFTA nod!

Who called Mels=Melody right away? Yep, me too. Mels was ALL River, for sure.
"You named your daughter....after your daughter." Ha!

One things just irks me, though. How can Amy and Rory be okay with not having their baby? Yes, Melody grows up with her parents...but (and I speak as a parent here), I wouldn't be satisfied with that at all, and I certainly wouldn't be gallivanting all over the universe, knowing that she's out there, somewhere, being raised a killer!

Onto 'The Question'...What is it? The oldest question in the universe.
What do I think? I think the question that will bring the Silence, the oldest question in the universe is..."Doctor Who?"
Think about it!
When we find out the Doctor's name, the show would end....and Silence would fall (our televisions would go 'silent' more DW).
Since the Doctor Who universe started in 1963, the question has been, "Doctor Who?"
Make sense?

And the last thing I noticed, that may be a coincidence, but knowing Steven Moffat...
'You have 32 minutes to live.", says young Amelia Pond over and over in the TARDIS.

Remember way back in The Impossible Astronaut? The Doctor dies on April 22, 2011 at 5:02pm.
The envelopes everyone gets tell them to meet at the lake on April 22, 2011 at 4:30pm.
That's 32 minutes before the astronaut shoots the Doctor to death.
Ooooooh. ;)

One of the highlight for me? Mels/River finally telling 'us' who taught her to fly the TARDIS.
She once said to the Doctor, "I was taught by the best. Shame you were busy that day."
Yes, she was taught by the best. The TARDIS herself taught Mels/River to fly her, while the Doctor was busy dying!

All in all, this episode was right up there with 'The Doctor's Wife' as one of the best of the season for me. I really, really loved it. :)

Okay, I have another theory about 'The Question'.
In Day of the Moon, the Silents say Amy will be the one "to bring the Silence", which I believe means Amy will be the one that will ask the question.

Moffat has said that he doesn't like that the Doctor has become as big as he is...that his enemies run in fear at the very mention of his name. The Doctor has become too powerful and too well-known.

So what if Moffat somehow decides to 'reset' the universe and everyone (okay, maybe not EVERYONE. The Daleks, for one, would have to remember him) forgets the Doctor.

Amy could be the one who asks the question..."Doctor? Doctor Who?"

Yes, it would be a bit Donna-y...but this time it wouldn't just be the companion forgetting. It would be the whole human race.

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