Saturday, 1 September 2012

Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks

It's here! It's finally here! After 8 long months, tonight saw the return of our favourite Doctor and his companions...and WHAT a return it was!

What a HUGE, HUGE spoiler those of use that were lucky enough to be at the screening had to keep!
And IS she the new companion? Or a relative of the new companion?! And if she is Clara, how did she get out of there alive?!

SO MANY QUESTIONS, as usual, which is one of the many things I LOVE about this show!!

We begin with Rory and Amy getting a divorce. What?!? Nooooooo!

Suddenly, the Doctor, Amy and Rory are all kidnapped by people with Dalek eye-stalks coming out of their foreheads and taken to the Dalek Parliament ship!

The Daleks need to the Doctor to save them, and Amy and Rory have to go along for the ride because he does better with a companion around. Ha!

Apparently a ship has crashed into the Dalek asylum--y'know, the place where they keep all the CRAZY Daleks-- and they need the Doctor to go in and fix things.

Suddenly, we meet the girl who's ship crashed...Oswin Oswald, played by JENNA FRICKIN' LOUISE COLEMAN!

The rest of the episode is spent trying to rescue Oswin--with the Doctor fixing the Pond's marriage along the way.

When he finally gets to the room Oswin is in, he's attacked by the Dalek's that have survived the Oncoming Storm.
In a HUGE plot twist, she makes them forget who he is! HOLY COW.

And in the second HUGE twist, we see that Oswin is NOT a human female! She's a DALEK!
She dreamed up the world around her because reality is too painful. How heartbreaking and sad is that!?

The Doctor makes her remember what she is and, after fighting for control, she allows him to run AND wipes the memories of ALL of the Daleks on the Parliament ship before the asylum planet is destroyed.

What did we think of the series 7 premiere?!

Mine won't be a popular answer.
I thought it was a BRILLIANT episode, but a sub-par premiere. This would have been a GREAT mid-season episode.
I did love the episode-- don't get me wrong! The twists and turns and the Clara/Oswin thing was mind-blowing!

What questions do we have after this episode?
-Who is Oswin?
-Is Oswin Clara?
-Is Oswin a relative of Clara?
-If Oswin is Clara, does the Doctor find her BEFORE the Dalek's do? Or does she somehow survive the asylum?
-How does he recognize her (he only saw a Dalek in this episode!)?
-Or maybe it's completely coincidence and he has NO idea his companion is going to end up a Dalek?!
-Will Amy and Rory be okay now?
-What does it mean that the Dalek's don't remember the Doctor? What will the fallout from that be?!
-How will they finally remember him again--and when?!
-How will Clara be introduced in the Christmas episode? Reports say she's a companion from the PAST. how will that work?!

Best parts:
-Jenna's little glance at the screen as she says, "Remember." HA!
-"Out of ten? Eleven." Hahahaha!
-"Don't be fair to the Dalek's when they're firing me at a planet!"
-"The nose and the chin."
-Oswin! I LOVED her character!
-The scene between Amy and Rory. "I gave you up!" *SOB*
-"I'm not looking for the countermand, dear. I'm looking for reverse." *BOOM*
-The Doctor straightening his bow tie after the Amy/Rory scene!
-The twists!

And here's the trailer for next week's episode, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship!

I'd love to hear what YOU thought of Asylum of the Daleks! Did you realize who Oswin was right away, or did someone explain it to you afterwards? (I've had to explain it to a bunch of people. We don't get as much press over here and so not many know who the new companion is!)

See you back here next week, Whovians!


  1. Enjoyed reading your thoughts! I loved the episode but I agree it is not quite as amazing-fantastic-brilliant as the two other Moff season openers, but it is really good. I thought the Ponds would be in trouble for most of their five episodes, but it seems like they will be okay- I hope they will be. I think the most brilliant thing about this episode is the introduction of the new companion so early on. Here was I already feeling sad that the Ponds are leaving and how will the new companion live up, and the Moff just shows her to us and makes us eager to see more of her! The transition process just got way easier!

  2. I also agree that it wasn't the best season opener, despite its high points - for me, The Eleventh Hour still beats them all hands down.

    All in all though, a decent episode. O felt the opening was a tad rushed, and Amy and Rory's marriage difficulties seemed like a plot mechanism more than anything. It felt incredibly forced and out of character for both of them. Especially Rory.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed asylum of the daleks and I like the new companion Oswin played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. How is she going to get out of the dalek that she is trapped in. Will we get to find out during the xmas special in December?

    Cheuk Ma

  4. Question that needed to be answered at the end of the season...the question that should never be answered. Doctor WHO?

    Daleks screaming doctor WHO? at the end.
    Daleks don't remember anymore...therefore won't gain in power out of fear of the doctor.
    Jenna Coleman is the new companion.
    Jenna Coleman ends up a Dalek.
    Doctor will end up saving her on accident or purpose at some point in the season...creating a paradox in Dalek memory. Perhaps it won't be the only paradox involving Jenna by the way this season.

    Wibbly whimy timey whimy...Karen is gone and Oswin is the new companion.

    Just my immidate thoughts when first seeing the premire.