Saturday, 22 September 2012

My First Race!

I was a bundle of nerves. I'd gotten MAYBE an hour of sleep all night. Adrenaline was the only thing keeping me on my feet by race time.

It wasn't a HUGE race, which was one reason I'd picked it as my first, but I sure felt crowded at that start line!
I was about 100m back from the actual line, and the starter gun scared me when it went off! Haha!

The whole pack started out running...and running FAST. That first km was my best km time, ever.
Sadly, I couldn't keep up the pace and slowed to a walk by minute 5.
I'm not yet able to run a full 5K. I knew I'd be walking much of it, and I was okay with that!

I STILL have lots of pain in my calves during km's 2 and 3, so I ran/walked at my normal pace through the pain.
THAT was when your #run3rd dedications helped me the most. I thought about cancer survivors and those still fighting. Sisters-in-law and dolphins and Tyler. Patriotism..and always there at the back of my mind was our fearless leader, Sean. ;)

I had my music in my ears, the sun had come out from behind the clouds (it had rained ALL morning!) and I was finally, finally enjoying my run. The scenery was gorgeous with many trees already changing colours, and the residential area was filled with pretty houses.

At km 4, I was finally out of pain, so I just ran. I ran the full last km--a second personal best km time--and as I rounded the last corner, I turned my music off so I could hear the crowd.
A volunteer yelled to me, "YOU GOT THIS! YOU'RE ALMOST THERE! PUSH!"
That lit a fire under me, and for the last 200m, I sprinted.
I passed my daughter, fiance and step-dad and I could only smile as I ran by. The emotion I felt at that moment was overwhelming, and that's when I started to cry.

I could see my mother, standing right at the finish line with camera in hand.
I crossed the line and fell into her arms, sobbing...and then immediately had to push her away because I thought I was going to puke--that's how hard I ran that last 200m! Haha!

I cried as I hugged my daughter and fiance, with pride and joy and relief!
I wasn't last (that was a HUGE fear for me) AND I'd run a personal best, shaving over 4 minutes off my usual time!

I finished in 45:46...and I'm already looking for my next race. ;)


  1. Such an emotional inspiring recap of your first race; at least it had that effect on me :) I am just so proud of you and happy for you that you did so well and surprised yourself after all the anxiety leading up to the race!

  2. You are so awesome!!! Way to go!