Monday, 17 September 2012

Revolution: Pilot

Before I even get to my thoughts about this show, I'm going to say one thing.

People, this is TV. It's FICTION. I'm NOT going to be nitpicking about why guns work and engines don't.
I honestly don't care. Stuff stopped working. Stuff won't start working again. The end.
Okay? Okay.

So! Revolution!
I've been waiting years for this premiere! I remember when it was announced that Kripke and Abrams would be teaming up! There was much squeeing and rejoicing!

I find post-apocalyptic TV, books and movies fascinating and completely scary.
There's always a big WHAT IF, there, right? It COULD happen....and how would I manage?
Would I be one of the dead? Or would I adapt?
I just don't know!

In this pilot, we see all things electrical suddenly just turn off. Cars stall on the streets. Planes fall from the sky. Every single carton of ice cream in the world goes bad (Nooooooooo!).
Revolution takes place 15 years after the world 'ended'. Those of us familiar with Abrams will find comfort in the use of flashbacks (a la Lost) to tell some of the story.

I'll start with the things I didn't like.
-Charlie. Nope, not a fan of the actress at all. This is a role for someone much tougher than Tracy Spiridakos. She's not believable in the role at all. Sorry.
-Does there ALWAYS have to be a bad-guy-who-might-be-a-good-guy-because-of-love? Ugh. I mean, Nate is cute and all, but the character is so tired and overused.
-The girlfriend of the dead guy who's going to become the love interest of the dead guy's brother. Blech.
-"We have to find so-and-so!" Always. Why can't we follow a group of people who stay home for once?!
-Tim Guinee's death. There had better be a TON of flashbacks with him in them!

Things I DID like:
-Elizabeth Mitchell! She's awesome in everything! PLEASE don't let her be underused!
-Giancarlo Esposito. The guy is brilliantly terrifying!! LOVE.
-Sword fight!
-Ice = Power. Great way to show who's on the top of the pyramid.
-The mystery and tons of questions.

What questions do we have after this episode?
-Er, ALL THE QUESTIONS!?? (Seriously, everything!)
-How did the power go out?
-Who's fault was it, if anyone's?
-Where did Ben work?
-How did he know 'it' was happening?
-What did Ben download just before the power turned off?
-What's up with the militia?
-How did soldier-Monroe become bad-guy-leader-Monroe?
-Why did Monroe and Miles fall out?
-Nate--Good or bad?
-Will Danny escape?
-Will Charlie find her brother?
-How does that woman have the same type of pendant as Ben and how does it give her power?!
-Who is she talking to on the computer?
-The question on the other end of the computer--Did who find what!?

This is one series that I'm definitely keeping an eye on. I'll need until at least episode 4 or 5 before I can decide whether or not to stick with it.

Here's the trailer for next week's episode--

I'd love to hear what you thought of the Revolution premiere!
Will you continue watching? What were your likes/dislikes?
See you back here next week!


  1. My only thought is that the mom is not dead and that could possibly be who the "algebra teacher" is talking to on the computer. I don't know why they would assume she is dead but she's on all the pictures for the show in post apocalyptic wardrobe so I don't believe she is gone for good, and I don't think her character will be purely used for flashbacks. I didn't catch the ice thing but will keep my eye out for that in the future. I'm not smart enough to know what is scientifically possible without electricity so you will not get any arguments from me as to what possible and what isn't. I liked the show overall and hope it keeps me intrigued as the plot unfolds.

    1. I haven't seen any pictures of Elizabeth (the mother) in post-apocalyptic wear. Can you link me so I can see them?
      I'd love it if her character wasn't dead!

  2. I too, haven't made up my mind yet. Technically, it was well done, although I too don't buy the Charlie character. She should be way tougher than she is. Kind of like the doctor with the poison whiskey. ("Why are you carrying poisoned whiskey?" ... well, D'UH!!) And, sorry to nitpick, but I'm not sure I can buy the whole premise. (for the record, it's only the electricity that's gone and cars' ignitions run on electricity ... although, older diesel engines don't and should still run... if they can get them started. Gunpowder, however, is a chemical reaction) Also, I'm not a fan of the whole mysterious conspiracy shows (ala Lost, Twin Peaks, X Files etc.) so I'll probably get bored before they reveal why the father knew / caused this revolution.

  3. Cars don't work because they're dependent on a battery to power internal combustion. Guns are powered by gunpowder instead, which can't be used in cars because reasons (I'm sure there are some, I'm just not familiar enough with either cars or guns to tell you what they might be).