Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Revolution: Chained Heat

Hoo, boy, what an ending, right?! Did NOT see that coming at all!

I'm having a REALLY hard time trying to figure out my feelings for this show.
I mean, it's good and all, but until the actual end of both episodes so far, it does tend to lag in spots--enough so that my attention drifts from time to time.
Also, Charlie. UGH, CHARLIE. She's SO annoying. She's almost a deal-breaker here, you guys. If she doesn't get better, I can sadly see myself losing interest in this show right quick!

So this week we get to see a bit more of the past and how hard it was in those first days after the power were out.
A young Charlie is almost killed by a hungry, slightly insane man because he wants to steal the family's food.
In the end, he does let her go, but walks off with the food when Ben can't bring himself to shoot him.
That is until Rachel pulls her own gun and kills the man.
A mother will do anything to ensure her children don't go hungry. ANYTHING.

We also see Miles leaving the group to find someone named Nora, who's really good at blowing stuff up--and annoying Charlie screwing things up by following along.

The always-awesome C. Thomas Howell has a small guest role as a bounty hunter who's after Miles. I wonder how much fun that sword fight was to film?
Sadly, he's killed. I'm getting really tired of Tommy getting killed all the time, y'know! ;)

Miles goes off to find someone named Nora, and Captain Neville shoots a man who's hiding guns--as little brother Danny watches on in horror--after the guy shoots one of the militiamen first.
Apparently only militia are allowed firearms after the apocalypse.

On the way to find her uncle, Charlie manages to trick Nate--who was following her and who's name is not really Nate, and cuff him to a pole.

Maggie and Aaron, after being left behind, go after Charlie, and Aaron shows Maggie the pendant Ben gave to him.
Aaron tells Maggie that Ben told him to bring it to a woman named Grace, and this is when Aaron addresses all of the questions many of you asked last week. Neat!
"The blackout...THAT doesn't make any sense....Totally corn holed the laws of nature. It shouldn't BE permanent. We should be able to fix this but for some reason, we just can't. But! If it were man-made...
"If it's man-made...then maybe we can fix it."

Miles and Charlie find Nora on a chain gang, and break her out...even though she didn't want to be broken out.
Nora has gotten herself arrested on purpose, to steal a sniper rifle.
She refuses to help them until they help...so they do, with Charlie killing two guards in the process.
They also free all of the prisoners, who, by the way, were pulling a helicopter to General Monroe. He's also the President of the Republic, as we found out tonight!

In a seriously terrifying scene, we find out that Grace is the woman with the computer who tried to help Danny.
There's a knock at her door, she opens it, then slams it again and runs upstairs.
She types, "Randall is here", as we see a man with a taser enter the room. We never see his face, but we DO see that he's wearing the same type of pendant Ben and Grace have.

In the final scene, we're back with Monroe....and Rachel! *GASP*
She's locked in a room, writing something.
He tells her Ben is dead and the he has her son. Is she ever wants to see him again, she's got to tell him everything...About Ben and the power.

So, a shocking ending, lots of fun sword fights, a whiny, annoying female lead and a terrifying Neville!

What questions do we have after this episode?
-How much does Aaron know?
-Who is Grace?
-How much does Grace know?
-What's in the pendant that gives it power?
-It the power failure man-made?
-What does Nora owe Miles for?
-Who's Nate?
-How did Monroe end up president?!
-Who is Randall?
-Why does he wants Grace?
-Why does he have a pendant?
-What is Rachel writing?
-How did Monroe get Rachel?
-Did Ben know she was alive? Do her children?
-What does Rachel know, exactly?

I KNOW there are tons I'm missing! This show is VERY much like Lost, with all the questions! Ha!

Here's the trailer for next week!

I'm going to give it another episode or two before I decide whether or not I'll continue blogging Revolution.

Let me know what you guys thought of the episode!


  1. Great post! i have the EXACT same feelings as you about Charlie. I even tweeted during the episode that her alone is making me want to give up on the show. Miles is basically saying everything that we want to say to her! Shut up, lay off the family bit and STAY PUT!

    I knew/hoped Rachel would be around more.. she's in the promo photo of the show and couldn't imagine that she's dead and still made it on the poster! lol

    1. Right?! I'm REALLY hoping they've made her so annoying so that she can have some kind of epiphany and smarten the heck up, SOON.

      I LOVE Elizabeth Mitchell, and I'm so happy Rachel is still around,a nd a part of the mystery!

  2. So I was smart this week and waited until AFTER I watched the show before reading your recap!! The ending this week blew me away! I never saw that coming at all. I'm really enjoying the show, in spite of the annoying girl, and am so intrigued with all the questions. You brought up some really good ones.I love Elizabeth Mitchell too and am so glad that her character is still alive.