Thursday, 30 August 2012

Fan Expo 2012, In Pictures!

Day 1--Friday.

Steampunk Red Riding Hood

John Barrowman

Photo op #1-- James Marsters

Christoper Lloyd still looking great.

Dual autograph! Capt. John/Capt. Jack from Torchwood!
(James Marsters/John Barrowman)

Me and James Marsters
Day 2-- Saturday

Gender-bending Jayne Cobb

The InnerSPACE panel I waited 4 hours to get into.
Teddy is wearing the Jayne hat I made for him.

The Merlin script I won, signed by the cast. 

THIS is why I waiting 4 hours in line for the
InnerSPACE panel.
The first 80 people got to see an advanced
screening of the Series 7 Doctor Who premiere!

At the premiere.

Day 3-- Sunday

Donna Noble from Partners in Crime
(Doctor Who companion)

Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead
I missed him later that day when I wanted his auto.

(Julian Richings plays Death on Supernatural)
I got his autograph on a movie poster.

Darth Vader

Kate Mulgrew, Capt. Janeway on ST: Voyager.
What an elegant, graceful woman.

John Rhys-Davies, Gimli from LotR
(among many other roles)
He was literally the most charming man
I've ever met.

The gorgeous Cynthia Loyst (InnerSPACE host)

Alan Tudyk. (Wash from Firefly)
This is the pose you get when you
tell him he doesn't age.

John Barrowman
(Captain Jack Harkness, Doctor Who/Torchwood)
Unbelievably friendly, gorgeous and racy!

Scott Gill, John Barrowman's long-time boyfriend
I was so happy I recognized him, and
even happier he agreed to take a pic with me!

Juliet Landau, James Marsters and me.
(Drusilla and Spike from Buffy/Angel)
Juliet was absolutely beautiful.
She admired my Buffy ink and pulled me close for a squeeze.

Not a bad weekend, eh? ;)

Until next year, Fan Expo!!

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  1. Laurie Riesberry30 August 2012 at 21:45

    I've seen pretty much all these pictures already (and was actually present during some of them) but looking at them all again brings back all the fabulous memories from the weekend (I know it wasn't that long ago, lol)