Sunday, 19 August 2012

Toronto Fan Expo 2012!

It's that time of year again!! 
For those of you who've been here since the beginning, you'll remember that Fan Expo was one of the first things I blogged about last year.

This year I'll be attending 3 of the 4 days. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
And, yes, I'm making good on last year's promise. I WILL be cosplaying all three days!

Day 1 I'll be in my steampunk Red Riding Hood costume.
Day 2 I'll be in my Jayne Cobb (Firefly) costume.
Day 3 I'll be in my Donna Noble (Doctor Who) 'Partners in Crime' costume.

I've already got my photo op tickets with James Marsters (Spike from Buffy), a James Marsters/Juliet Landau duo (Spike and Drusilla from Buffy), Alan Tudyk (Wash from Firefly) and John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who/Torchwood).

I've got my two comics to be signed set aside, I've got the money put away for the books I want to purchase and have signed by the authors who will be there and I've got the schedule printed out so I don't miss any panels (I'm talking to you, SPACE channel!) . ;)

But what I'm REALLY looking forward to is seeing the friends I only get to see once a year, meeting friends I've only spoken to online, and making brand new friends!

So if you're going to Fan Expo, please let me know so we can hook up to say hello!
Email me at JustAGirlGeek <at> gmail <dot> com!

There will also be live-tweeting happening from some of the panels and such (and many pics, I'm sure!).
You can follow me @ChristinaBWho.
And be sure to check this space next week for my Fan Expo recaps!


  1. Yay! I've always wanted to dress up but WAY too self-conscious to do so... The most I was contemplating was sporting my Slytherin tie... :P

    I'm so upset that they didn't have the Sam photo-op available for pre-purchase... (I think it was an oversight, but now none of them are available.. so I'll have to chance it when I get there :/

    Will have to tweet & touchbase beforehand to meet up on at least one of those days! (I'm going those same 3 days..) Probably Saturday? That's my only "not there with other people" day and will be quite lonely on the busiest day there is! lol

    1. PLEASE wear your Slytherin tie! :D
      You'll fit right in!
      And I hope you get your photo op! Just head to the op purchase booth as soon as you get in on Friday to buy it.

      I'm meeting up with friends all three days, and Saturday seems to be 'sit in panels' day for me! lol
      We'll figure it out for sure, Michele!