Monday, 16 January 2012

Once Upon A Time-True North-My Thoughts

Tonight's episode was Hansel and Gretel, and I loved it. There are so many questions raised with each episode, I wonder if they'll ever have time to answer them all!

Once again, Robert Carlisle is wonderful as Mr. Gold, and I still can't decide whether he's good or evil.

The gorgeous and talented Emma Caulfield (Buffy The Vampire Slayer),
plays the heck out of her part as the creepy blind witch with the oh so yummy house, and almost outshines the Evil Queen...almost.

Speaking of the Evil Queen, is it just me or does her wardrobe get more and more awesome each week? I can't help but wish they'd use some of her clothing budget to get better special effects, though. The scene with the vines was almost laughable.

But in my opinion, it was the end that made this episode. From the tow truck coming around the bend in the road (yeah, call me sappy, but I didn't see that coming!), to the mysterious man on the bike with the weird wooden box on the back.

So, what questions were raised this episode?

-Is Gold good or bad?
-Why did Gold lie about reading the name off the card?
-WHO is Henry's father?
-Why did the Evil Queen want Hansel and Gretel to live with her?
-WHO is the guy on the bike?!
-What's in the wooden box?!
-Why did he come to Storeybrooke?
-How is he able to stay when no one else can?

Many people are saying he's the Big Bad Wolf....and that's definitely possible! (I was wrong about the Sheriff being the wolf, remember?)
But I need another episode or two before I decide. ;)

So what did you think of this episode? As always, comments are welcome!


  1. I don't think Gold lied so much as it showed that he's just as all-knowing about who is who and what is what between the two worlds as Regina is. That's how I took the blank card bit.

  2. I suppose that makes sense. I guess what I mean is why not just tell Emma that he remembers exactly who he sold the compass to? Why bother to lie and pretend to read the name off a blank card?

    The writers have already given us many hints that Gold knows just as much as Regina does. This seemed to be a bit more than just that...but I could be reading too much into a small thing, I tend to do that. ;)