Sunday, 29 January 2012

Once Upon A Time 1.11-Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

We're getting closer and closer to learning exactly WHAT it was that Snow did to the Evil Queen to make her hate her so much!

This week's episode was full of twists and turns as we finally get to see how Gus Sidney became the Magic Mirror.
You knew when you saw the lamp in Mr. Gold's store that it was going to be in an upcoming episode...and THIS was that episode.

You see, the Mirror started out as a genie!

In Fairytale Land, we see how the Evil Queen's relationship with her Mirror began.
You know, just when I start to feel some sympathy for that woman, she goes and screws it up by doing something horribly EVIL!

You really do almost feel bad for her when you see the relationship between Snow and the King. It's obvious that Regina isn't really considered a part of the family...and that has to hurt, right?

We also finally see how the King died. Yep, Regina killed him with evil (and extremely fake-looking) snakes!
And then she goes and frames (Ha! Pun intended!) the genie, who, with his last wish, traps himself forever in her mirrors.

Over in Storybrooke, Sidney and Emma are working together to try and bring down the mayor. Of course, their plan fails miserably and Emma looks like a complete ass.
At the end we see that Sidney IS still working for Regina! *gasp*

And poor Henry lost his book. It's now in the hands of the mysterious handsome stranger! Oooooh.

So! What questions do we have this week?
-WHAT did Snow do to the Queen?
-WHO is that stranger?
-Why is he in Storybrooke?
-What does he want with the book?
-Why is Sidney working with Regina, considering what she did to him in Fairytale Land? (Yes, I know he doesn't remember)
-Is it possible Sidney is a double double agent?
-Is Mary really suddenly okay with David messing around on his wife?
-Why is Regina's name the same in both worlds? Does that even matter? :P

Remember, no new episode next week, Oncers! But in two weeks we get a HUGE treat! The beauty and the beast episode, which happens to be my favourite fairytale story, guest-starring EMILIE de Ravin as Belle! OMG, right?!?


  1. I have been spreading this across Once Upon a Time fandom....and I will say it here...I truly think (but admit I am likely wrong) that the stranger is grown up Henry and time is working both ways.

  2. Oooh, now THAT'S a theory I haven't yet heard! VERY interesting!