Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hugo-My Thoughts

I knew very little about Hugo before watching the film.
I thought it was about a boy who lived in a train station after being orphaned who was trying to fix an automaton.
Well, that's not really what it's about at all

Directed by the brilliant Martin Scorsese, this is NOT your typical Scorsese film! The cinematography is stunning, the acting is wonderful and the end makes the movie.

It's the parts before that that I had a problem with. I wanted to love this film. I really, really did. And maybe I should have watched it BEFORE The Artist so I wouldn't compare all other Oscar nominated films to that one.

It took me a good hour to finally get into Hugo. I found that first hour slow-moving and my mind wandered often.
But after that, the story came alive.

Asa Butterfield (who plays Mordred in Merlin!) is wonderful as young Hugo Cabret, the young orphan who steals your heart.
Chloe Grace Moretz shines as Hugo's friend, Isabelle.
Ben Kingsley (who can do no wrong in my eyes) is brilliant as 'Papa' George Melies and Sasha Baron Cohen (who I'm not usually a fan of at all.) was hilarious in the role of the 'evil' station inspector.

In the end, this is a tale of wonder and adventure about a boy who transforms the lives of everyone around him as he attempts to unravel the mystery left to him by his father.
The end will leave you with a lump in your throat, warmth in your heart and a smile on your face.

I'll be very surprised if this wins the Oscar against The Artist...but I can absolutely see why it was nominated.

Have you seen Hugo? Id love to hear your thoughts! Comments are always welcome!


  1. I was bored from the beginning of this film until George's back story began to unfold. For a 2 hour and 7 minute movie, only 30 minutes of it was entertaining...the rest was filler.

    I know this will probably win a few Oscars, but it doesn't deserve them.

  2. I also found my mind wandering a bit during the beginning of the movie, but the latter half more than made up for that. Absolutely loved it. I'm on to The Artist next :D

  3. Agreed, Anon! George's story was absolutely beautiful!

    Abelle-Let me know what you think of The Artist!