Monday, 23 January 2012

Once Upon A Time 1.10 -7:15am. My Thoughts

Wow. WOW! They just keep raising the bar higher and higher, don't they?

This week was ah-MAZ-ing!

You know, I was worried they'd drag out the Mary/David story too long. I mean, there's only so much 'when will it happen?!' the viewers will take before it gets old, right?
But I never expected it to happen THIS soon!

This week we learned more about the Snow/Charming--Mary Margaret/David stories.

In Storybrooke we see Mary Margaret pretty much stalking David at Granny's Cafe every morning at 7:15am.
She still has feelings for him and when they finally do get a chance to talk, she finds out that he feels the same.

Over in Fairytale Land, David is two days from his wedding day and he writes a letter to Snow, telling her to come to him if she has feelings for him.
Meanwhile, Snow has gotten a magic potion from our favourite villain, Rumpy, that will make her forget Charming ever existed.

Thankfully, his letter reaches her in time and she sneaks into the castle to see him.
Alas, she's caught and tossed in the dungeon, where she meets a wonderful little man named Grumpy.

Now, I'm a big fan of the dwarves in the Snow White tale, but OUAT outdid any Disney story I've ever seen here.
Grumpy is played wonderfully by the awesomely talented Lee Arenberg and if you don't fall in love with him during this episode, you have no heart!

Luckily, Snow escapes with the help of Grumpy and the EIGHTH dwarf, Stealthy!

But sadly, Stealthy and Grumpy are caught, and Stealthy is killed in the escape attempt.

Snow saves Grumpy, who's released from the evil King's clutches, and she herself is taken to see Charming's charming father. 
He tells her that unless she goes to Charming and tells him she doesn't love him, he will KILL his fake son.
What a jerk!

Of course, Snow does just that, which is where my heart started to break.

Grumpy and his six friends find Snow and he tells her she's going home with them. She won't be alone anymore.
He also persuades her not to drink the nasty forgetting potion from ol' least for that day.

A few days later, we see Charming looking for Snow. It seems he has LEFT the bitchy princess and is trying to find his true love!
Word gets back to Grumpy, who rushes in to tell Snow the wonderful news!
Snow's face is puzzled when she says, "Prince who...?" and the camera pans over to see the empty potion bottle on the table. 

But back in Storybrooke, after David saves Mary's life, he has a talk with Katherine and discovers that she's not actually pregnant.
They decide to try harder to get to know each other again, and the next morning, David skips his 7:15am coffee at Granny's.

As does Mary, who we see watching the clock as she sits with Emma.

At 7:45, Mary does go into the cafe for her coffee and WHO walks in? David, of course!

And finally...FINALLY...the two kiss! In public...with evil Regina watching on. Dun dun DUN!

Also, that stranger? He appears to be a writer of some kind. He's carrying a typewriter in that wooden box.
Veeeeery interesting!

So! Highlights for me?
-Rumple's giggling! I LOVE that guy!
-Grumpy whistling 'Hi Ho' in the jail cell!
-There were originally EIGHT dwarves!
-Grumpy: "It makes ME Grumpy." Yeah, I teared up! ;)
-Charming: "I'll find her. I'll always find her." D'awww.

Questions we have after this episode:
-What does Rumple want Snow's hair for?
-WHO is that masked stranger?! Er....that's not right, is it? ;)
-What is he writing?
-How does Snow eventually remember Charming again?

What did YOU think of 7:15am? As always, comments are most welcome! 
Until next week, Oncers! 

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