Wednesday, 2 May 2012

YA Book Review- Swipe by Evan Angler

Release Date: May 1, 2012
Publisher: Tommy Nelson (Thomas Nelson)
Series: Swipe #1
Author: Evan Angler
Thank you to Net Galley and Tommy Nelson for providing this eARC for review.

Logan Langley is just months away from his thirteenth birthday and the biggest day of his life- the day he will finally be Marked. The Mark lets people get jobs, vote, and even go out to eat or buy concert tickets.

Becoming Marked means becoming free. Or so he is told. Five years ago when Logan's sister went to get her Mark she never came back. Now Logan can't shake the feeling he's being watched...

And then he finds the wire.

I don't often read middle grade books. I mean...I'm old. So why on earth would I read a book meant for middle graders? ;)
But this time, I'm so glad I did!

For a debut book, this is an impressive start. Swipe is full of twist and turns and mystery and thrills. It kept me turning the pages well into the evening!

Logan is a wonderful character. Flawed, smart, caring and very easy for young boys to relate to.

I was impressed that, although written for preteens, Mr. Angler didn't 'dumb down' his book at all.
Yes, it's more simple and easier to read than books meant for older kids, but he still uses the tech terms and larger words and he puts his characters in situations that he knows his intended audience can handle, and will enjoy.
All too often middle grade books are written seemingly without the actual readers in mind.
I love this author for realizing that, YES, 6th graders are an intelligent bunch!

The world created in Swipe is fascinating and wonderful. It's a whole new take on dystopian fiction, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book to--wait for it--BOYS! Yes, I'm so happy to say that boys, ages 10+, will love this book.
Of course, girls will enjoy it too, but please, moms, buy this for your boys! Those little men NEED books like this in their lives to help them realize how much fun reading really is! ;)

It IS book 1 in the series, and it DOES end on a cliffhanger--But that will just leave them begging for the next book, right? ;)

And please, let me know if you buy Swipe and what your kids think of it! I'd love to hear an actual middle-grader's take on this book!

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