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Supernatural: Survival of the Fittest

So I've been sitting here for an hour trying to decide how I feel about this episode!

I mean, it was GOOD, yes. And it DID make up for the sub-par season...But it wasn't the strongest season finale. Not by a long shot.
We've been here before, haven't we? With one of the boys trapped on the other side, leaving the other boy alone and trying to find a way to get him back?

Argh, even as I write these words I'm of two minds about what I just watched! So forgive me. This might be a crappy review.

Let's begin!

The opening? AWESOME. Loved it to death!
Flashbacks of the whole season to 'Wayward Son'? Perfect!


Crowley and Dick are making a deal. A deal I am NOT okay with! Crowley gets CANADA?! I happen to LIVE in Canada and being Crowley's slave isn't....wait. Crowley's slave?
Okay, on second thought, I'm okay with that. ;)

So they make a deal. Crowley is going to give the boys a vial of not-Crowley blood in exchange for Canada.
The demon pulls out a looooooong contract--because Dick doesn't kiss on the mouth--and the two start revising to make sure the wording is correct.

Meanwhile, the boys are driving and they hear on the radio that Dick is holed up at Sucrocorp.
They head to a crypt to find a 'righteous bone' to kill him with, then go back to the cabin and summon Crowley.
Crowely doesn't show. At least not right away.

Meg, however, does arrive, with Castiel in tow.
Dean goes out to talk to Cas...who's sitting in the car listening to Cat Stevens...I think?..and talking about how cruel it is to test cosmetics on monkeys.

Dean gets the fallen angel into the cabin and he tells the boys that the garrison is dead and the prophet--Kevin--has been taken.
Just then, Crowley shows up and tells the boys he was trapped by Dick.
He's pissed that Sam and Dean lied about Cas being dead, then realizes that Cas is bonkers once he opens is mouth.
The demon explains that the Leviathan wants him to give the boys fake blood and hands over a vial of what he says IS indeed his own blood.
The boys are wary, but they don't have much of a choice. They have to trust that the blood is real.

Flash to Bobby--who, if you recall, is now possessing the body of a motel maid.
He's carrying a package and a newspaper with Dick's picture front and center.
He tries to steal a truck, but touches a pure iron crowbar and he's ejected from the body.
The poor woman pleads with Bobby--and it looks like he's about to give in--and then he spies the picture of Dick on the newspaper and once again jumps into the maid's body.

Over at Sucrocorp, Kevin the Prophet is locked in a room. A girl is locked in with him. He realizes that she'll be no help. She's as high as a kite.
A guard brings her a dress and tells her to put it on, and Kevin steals on of the hair pins to use as a lockpick.
He uses it to escape after the guard takes the girl away....and gets caught.

Dick has an arm brought to him. The arm of the original Dick Roman.
He then greets the arriving Leviathan big-wigs.
In the Leviathan meeting, Dick explains his plan.
He's going to divide up the country into regions. One region for breeding, one for livestock, etc. Blech!
He then brings in the girl to show-off his new formula. With one injection, he'll easily kill all of the skinny, smart, short people in the country. Ack!

Back to the boys!

Now that they've got all the ingredients, they make the magic kill-Dick bone. They have no idea if it'll work.
Then Cas brings them.....sandwiches?...and he tells them he's not going with them when they go do the deed.

The boys head to Sucrocorp, and hack into the security feed (thanks to Charlie!).
In an odd turn of events, they see not one, but THREE Dick's on the cameras! Now we know why he kept that arm!
And who does Sam then spy walking toward the building? The motel maid! He quickly realizes that she's Bobby and he confronts her. Him. Whatever.
Bobby, being all vengeance-y, almost kills Sam. Luckily he's able to snap out of it before that point, and he poofs away leaving Sam to carry the maid to safety.

The boys go back to the cabin to think up a new plan. This time, the plan involves Cas, who can spot the real Dick Roman.

Bobby shows up and tells the boys how hard it is to not be vengeance-y. He tells the boys he's done.
He says goodbye and the boys put the flask into the fire. Bobby goes up in flames as Cas watches on. *sob*

With Bobby gone, Dean now needs a third. Cas tells Dean he's bad luck. Dean convinces him to come anyway.

And finally, after being gone ALL DAMN SEASON, Baby is BACK!
Meg plays diversion in the beloved Impala and kills a few Levi's with borax and beheadings!
And then runs into a few of Crowley's lackeys.

Of course, while Meg is getting all shot up, the Winchester's are sneaking into Sucrocorp.
They split up--Cas with Dean and Sam alone.

Sam finds Kevin who tells him that they have to blow up the lab. The two head there.
Dean and Cas arrive at the lab and find the right Dick.

Dean pulls a fake-out with one bone, then pulls the real bone and kills the head Leviathan! Exploded black goo everywhere!

Unfortunately, there's one problem, as Crowley explains to Sam when he shows up at the lab.
You see, there's some kick-back when you use the bone. Cas and Dean? Yeah, sucked into purgatory with the Leviathan.
And Crowley poofs away with poor Kevin the Prophet.

Dean wakes up in a forest and Cas explains where they are.
The angel promptly disappears, leaving Dean alone in purgatory as the red-eyed monsters move in.


So, a GREAT episode, but not a great finale. I think that's how I've finally decided I feel about it.

Best lines:

Let's bone this nun.-Dean

Why should we trust you?-Dean
Good God, don't! Never trust anyone!-Crowley

I thouroughly examined and comforted the pig before I slaughtered it for the ham.-Cas

Please accept this sandwich as a gesture of solidarity.-Cas

Because Dick made more Dick's.-Sam

Here's to running into you guys on the other side. Only...not too soon. Alright?-Bobby

Dude, on my car--he showed up naked, covered in bees.-Dean

What questions do we have after this episode?
-W. T. F?!?!
-How will Dean get out?
-Will Cas come back to help?!
-Will Dean get him out?
-How long will Dean spend in purgatory?
-Why does Crowley want Kevin?
-Will the boys get Kevin back?

My theories for next season:
-Cas will be back almost immediately after leaving Dean. There's no way he'd leave Dean alone in that predicament, crazy or not.
-Dean will find a way out. Or Sam will get him out. Or Cas will get them out. :P
-Crowley will be the big bad of the season.
-Lucifer and the Alpha will both return.
-Kevin will be rescued.
-There will be more stand-alone episodes and not so much arcy-ness. (Okay that last one is a hope. Not really a theory)
-Cas will bring Bobby back. Not as a ghost, but completely back to life.

So, what did you think of the finale? Strong? Weak? Did you like it?

See you back here in the fall, Winchester fans! Have a great summer!

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