Saturday, 12 May 2012

Supernatural: There Will Be Blood

Well wasn't that a.....boring little scavenger hunt-type romp.
You guys, I'm NOT feeling this Leviathan arc this season at all.

Remember in previous seasons, when you couldn't wait to see what would happen? How would Sam get his soul back? How would Dean get out of hell? Will Sam and Dean stop the apocalypse? Will Sam and Dean find the yellow-eyed demon? Will Sam and Dean fight alongside the angels and battle Lucifer?

Those were epic seasons! This? This is just weak and lame.
The stand-alone episodes have been the only thing holding this season together. Luckily most of those have been great. 

So what happened tonight?

Um...The boys gathered the blood needed to kill Dick from the fallen angel, the corpse and the ancient.
Dick is making the world into a zombie race by poisoning corn syrup (which is found in most foods).
There was a neat Leviathan/Ancient vampire fight.
And Bobby is going vengeful spirit....and apparently possessing people now.

Oh, and Crowley, who promised to give the boys his blood last, has been trapped by Dick.

Next week is the season finale, and they're going to have to pull some amazing magic out of their hats to pull everything together in just one episode!
Best lines:
-"Piece of paper would've worked."-Dean
-"Now you want to go Kavorkian on his ass?"-Dean
-"That's Sam's douche-tracker."-Dean
-"I can't live on rabbit food! I'm a warrior!"-Dean
-"It's friggin' Woodstock. Everyone's hopped up on the brown acid."-Dean
-"What makes Dick so hard to beat?"-News anchor
-"You got Pac Man and True Blood in the same room and that's bad news."-Dean
-"They're cousins or something."-Sam
-"See you next season."-Alpha (Ha!)

What questions do we have after this episode?
-How on earth are they going to wrap everything up?!
-Where's Bobby?
-What does Bobby have planned?
-Why does Dick want Crowley?
-Will the boys rescue Crowley?
-How will they get Crowley's blood?
-How will they defeat Dick?
-What will happen to the Leviathan if Dick is killed?
-Will the boys get Cas to help?
-Is Cas in any shape to help?
-How will the boys fix Cas?

And so, Supernatural fans, let's HOPE next week's finale is epic and amazing and perfect!
Here's the promo for Survival of the Fittest.

See you back here next week, for the last time this season, Winchester fans!

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