Thursday, 31 May 2012

What I'm Watching: Summer Edition

I've been asked a bunch of times about summer shows. And thanks for that, y'all! It feels really awesome to know that I'm your 'go-to' when it comes to good TV! <3

So here's what I'm watching this summer!

Returning shows:

True Blood
Season 5
June 10
HBO/HBO Canada

Big Brother
Season 14
July 10

Hell's Kitchen
Season 10
June 4

Breaking Bad
Season 5
July 15

New shows:

The Newsroom
June 24
HBO/HBO Canada

June 3

Saving Hope
June 7

And of course, I'll also be trying to catch up on a few shows over the summer. Those are:

The Vampire Diaries
Mad Men
Falling Skies
Friday Night Lights 

And possibly a few others if I have time. ;)

So there you go! What will YOU be watching this summer?


  1. If you'll be posting reviews on true blood as it airs, just know that I'll be reading them. True Blood is one of my favorite shows. =D

    1. SO odd that you would mention that! I was just saying on Facebook a few weeks ago that I'll need to find summer shows to blog about and that True Blood was really the only one that would qualify! this space! ;)

  2. Laurie Riesberry31 May 2012 at 21:26

    True Blood most definitely! The Newsroom looks really interesting and there's no way I'm missing Michael Shanks in Saving Hope and with Daniel Gillies from Vampire Diaries! I'd also love to check out Falling Skies, I'll have to find it somewhere. I'm also watching Continuum that just started this past Sunday night. AND of course you know I need to finish watching Buffy and hopefully Angel!

    1. I didn't add Continuum because it's already started, but I AM watching it!

  3. I cannot WAIT for Breaking Bad. That'll be the highlight of my summer viewing, I'm sure. ;) And The Newsroom probably has the best trailer going right now! (Though I think it might be June 23, not July? I could be totally wrong and I really should look that up...) AND OOOHHHHHHHH on Friday Night Lights! Have you watched it before? It's one of those shows I've considered doing a rewatch on. It will seriously change your life. (Nothing too exaggerated there, right?) ;)

    1. You're right! I mistyped! Newsroom is June 24. :)

      This is my first viewing of FNL! Again, it's because of YOU that I'm watching! ;)
      The story is oddly similar to my Buffy beginning!
      I was flipping through the guide at 1am and I saw that YTV was airing the FNL pilot.
      I stopped and watched...then set up a series recording. They play an episode every weeknight.
      I'm 4 episodes in now, and I cry every damn time I watch it!

  4. Saving Hope was awesome watched it my friend Cassie played the pregnant Angela character it was her first staring role <3 .