Monday, 15 October 2012

Once Upon A Time: Lady of the Lake

So! A much more quiet and somber episode this week as compared to the last two.
More touching and heartfelt as well.

Sadly, not my favourite episode, but good development for the characters and storylines!

I LOVE watching Mary Margaret become tough Snow White again, but I REALLY disliked how stupid they made Emma in this episode.
Fairytale Land or not, Emma is NOT a stupid woman who needs help every step of the way. They wrote her in a way that just wasn't believable to me at all.

Gold's absence was really felt, wasn't it? And it's so sweet watching Henry and Charming bond and get close. :)

Here we go!


In Fairytale Land That Was:

Lancelot kidnaps Snow and takes her to King George, who curses her so that she can't have children because his wife suffered the same fate.

Lancelot sees the error of his ways and helps Snow by telling her that the King is going after Charming's mother next.

At their home, Charming fights off the attackers, but not before his mother is struck with a poisoned arrow.
Snow and Lancelot arrive too late, but Charming has an idea. He believes that the waters of Lake Nostos can cure his mother.
On the trip, Snow confesses to her future mother-in-law about her curse after a baby-gender-guessing necklace doesn't work on her.
They arrive at the lake...and it's gone. Dried up since Charming killed the Lady of the Lake.
Luckily, Lancelot finds a tiny shell with a few drops of water left inside.
Snow convinces Ruth to drink, but it's too late. There's no magic left. Her last wish is to see her son married, so Lance--as a knight--marries Charming and Snow, using a goblet (much like the holy grail?) as part of the ceremony.
Ruth dies as it ends.

Afterwards, Snow is about to confess to Charming her curse, but before she can, Charming gives her the necklace that was his mothers...and it tells her the gender of her future child.

Snow confronts Lancelot--Ruth never drank the water and Lance used it in the goblet during the ceremony.
Lance says nothing as a reply.
Lance asks what the necklace predicted and Snow replies, "A daughter."


In Fairytale Land That Is:

Snow wakes up to see Cora in the cave and jumps in front of Emma to protect her. She tells Emma that Cora is worse than Regina ever was.
Emma is skeptical.

Snow and Emma are taken to the leader of the camp--Lancelot. Snow and Lance hug and he apologizes for locking them up.
Snow asks to be allowed to go back to her home to see if the wardrobe portal still works. Lancelot agrees, but sends Mulan with them.
While walking through the woods, Aurora pops up and pulls a knife on Snow, who quickly turns the tables.
Emma sees the scuffle and fires her gun into the air, drawing the ogres to their location.
Snow kills the ogre with an arrow through the eyes.

They arrive at Snow's castle and enter Emma's nursery.
Seeing how Snow had once lived, Emma finally realizes how much her mother gave up for her and she breaks down in tears, "I'm not used to somebody putting me first."
Great, great moment. I got teary.

They decide to bring the wardrobe back to the safe haven to see if it can be recharged somehow, when Lancelot shows up...and quickly reveals himself to be Cora.
Apparently Cora killed Lancelot long before and has been playing at being the leader for some time.

Cora wants the wardrobe for herself, so she can get to Storybrooke.
Emma sets the wardrobe on fire to keep Cora from getting to her son and Cora escapes.
Mulan says they need a new leader and appoints Snow.
They turn to leave and Snow glances back in tears, mourning what once was and what could have been.

After they exit, Cora returns and places some ashes from the wardrobe into a glass bottle.


In Storybrooke:

Henry desperately wants to help Charming find Emma and Snow, but Charming isn't down with Operation Scorpion.

Henry runs into Jefferson and tells him to go to his daughter.
Jefferson mentions Regina's vault, so Henry goes a-searchin'. He finds it and opens a box of vipers, when Charming comes to the rescue.
(Seriously how creepy were the heartbeats?!)
Notice here that Regina sent Charming to find Henry. Redeeming herself?
One point for Regina.

Charming realizes that Henry's not going to give up, so he buys wooden swords and teaches his grandson how to fight.

Meanwhile, Jefferson finally finds the courage to reveal himself to Grace, who runs into his arms, so happy that her Papa is back.

As Charming and Henry swordfight, we see Charming's 'father', King George, watching from his car...


Lots of touching, teary moments for sure, bit definitely a more quiet and reserved episode.
Not that those are bad--We need them to catch out breath between action-packed shockers, right? ;)

Now, I get what they're doing, showing how the roles have reversed between Snow and Emma. Showing that Snow is the mother now..the leader, the strength.
But they could have done that without making Emma look stupid or helpless...and I wonder if things will come to a head eventually when Emma has NOTHING to do while Snow leads.

But anyway...

-The scene with Snow and Emma in the nursery.
-Jefferson finding Grace.
-Henry and Charming's sword fight.
-Lancelot. I've always loved the story of King Arthur and his knights.
-"It's dangerous to confuse vengeance for justice."
-"That is chimera. Part lion, part serpent, part goat."
  "Like turduckin?"
-"Ogres? Like Fee Fi Foe Fum?"
-"I just killed a dragon last week."
-The ogre was pretty cool!
-"What kind of corset is this?"
-Lancelot alluding to the Holy Grail.

What questions do we have?
-Is Lancelot really dead?
-Why does Cora want the ashes?
-Why does Cora want to go to Storybrooke, really?
-Will Cora get to Storybrooke?
-How will Emma and Snow get back to Storybrooke?
-What is Charming's name? Ruth kept calling him 'son'. We DON'T know his name. Why not? (Remember, he was David is Storybrooke and James was the king's son's name)
-Why were the people in the safe haven saved not affected by the curse?
-The safe haven is an island. Does that matter?
-Will Jefferson and Grace be okay?
-How will having Grace back change Jefferson?
-How will Regina react when she sees Cora again?

The opening was a knight, and here's the trailer for next week's Gold/Belle episode, where we also meet Captain Hook, The Crocodile!

See you back here next week, Oncers!


  1. Morning:)
    I believe that Cora wanted the ashes because she mentions there is "still magic in them". I wonder if she'll go to open a portal and Emma/Snow will follow her or if all of the characters in fairy land will.
    I think being reunited with Grace will make Jefferson more open to helping Henry on his quest to find Emma/Snow.
    The people in the safe haven may be in some fairytale land that is historically known for the protection of their people. Is Neverland a possibility?
    I think seeing Cora will further motivate Regina to switch sides. She stills has the book of spells which could be detrimental in the hands of Cora.
    I was so happy to see Jefferson. Sebastian's acting skills were a major highlight for me in this episode. I'm still curious to see what's happened to August and as he's not been in any of the previews or summaries for upcoming episodes I wonder how large of a role he'll play this season.
    I can't wait to see the Hook episode!

    1. I agree with everything you said, Sophie! And I believe we see August soon-ish. ;)

  2. I'm really curious as to why Cora wants to get to Storybrook, and why she wants to see Regina... or more importantly Henry so much. I have a theory, but I can't wait to see what happens next.

    The whole protected haven was so weird, I thought it would have something to do with Malificent (although there's been no mention so far), but I don't know if she'll even make an appearance.

    Next episode is going to be fantastic.. well at least I hope so.

    1. Maleficent is dead. Remember, she was in dragon form beneath Storybrooke and Emma killed her with Charming's sword?
      She can only make appearances in Fairytale Land That the past.

      I'd love to hear your theory on Cora! :)

    2. It's not letting me reply directly to Tabitha, so I'll just say what I think here. I was assuming Cora wanted to get back to Regina for revenge, but now that I think about it, it's probably not that simple.

      I actually liked this episode a lot. =) I wasn't expecting the Lance-a-lot twist at all and cried during the wedding scene.

      I think Lance-a-lot is really dead, but if he's not, that would be wonderful because I've already grown attached to his character.