Monday, 29 October 2012

Once Upon A Time: The Doctor

And so, now we know who Whale REALLY is! What do you think? Are you okay with this turn of events?
This ain't your kids' Disney story anymore! ;)

I'm seeing a lot of folks on Twitter and message boards are unhappy with this. They say that Frankenstein isn't a fairytale. And they're right, of course.
But who said OUAT was only about fairytales?! I don't recall hearing that! And frankly, I'm glad to see them going off of fairytale characters for once. I hope we see many more like Dr. Whale!

Here we go!


In Fairytale Land that Was--

Rumple is teaching Regina magic. Alas, Regina is unable to take the heart of a unicorn because, "It's innocent."
Rumple doesn't really care. He wants to know what's holding Regina back.

Some time later, Regina finally asks Rumple is he can teach her magic to bring back the dead.
Rumple says no such spell exists.
The Mad Hatter drops by with a crystal ball. Rumple asks about the 'the slippers' (Oz! OMG!) and learns that they've been taken to another land.
Rumple explains that he needs to get to a land without magic, but takes the ball and tells the Hatter to help himself to his payment.
Rumple tells Regina to let herself out--they're done and she was a waste of time.

The Hatter overhears and offers Regina his help. He happens to know a man who can bring back the dead.--a wizard--but for a price.
He wants safe passage through Regina's lands. She agrees.

The Hatter introduces Regina to the Doctor.
He examines Daniel's preserved body. This is when Regina learn that the Doctor has never actually done this before. It's completely experimental.
He needs a heart and none that he's used have survived the shock needed to resurrect the dead.
He's been told that the hearts in Fairytale Land are stronger. Regina refuses to use her magic to obtain a heart, but brings the Hatter and the Doctor to Cora's secret room. It just happens to be FULL of hearts.

The Doctor chooses a heart but, sadly, the experiment fails. Daniel is still dead.

Or did it?

Enter Rumple, who's been working with the Doctor. He gets his heart and Rumple gets Regina--who's now the cold, bitter Regina we've come to know and love.

The Hatter sends the Doctor home.

And Regina? Well, Regina kills her 'replacement' after ripping the heart from her body and asks Rumple to continue teaching her.
He, of course, obliges.


In Storybrooke--

Regina visits Archie to talk about her magic addiction.
We learn that, along with bringing over all of the live people, she's also brought a dead one to Storybrooke.
Her fiancé, Daniel, who's been preserved with a spell all these years.
Dr. Whale barges in on Regina and Archie and asks her to send him back to his land. To his dead brother.
She says she can't, of course.

Driving home in the rain, Regina spies Daniel, who promptly disappears.
She goes to check the vault (the next day, for some reason?) and she finds his glass coffin empty.
She goes to find Dr. Whale. His office has been destroyed and he's been attacked. He's also missing an arm.
He tells Regina that he brought Daniel back from the dead...but he's not Daniel anymore. He's a monster.

Regina brings Whale to the hospital, Charming shows up and she tells him everything. They realize that Daniel is on his way to the place he and Regina last saw each other--the stables.
Exactly where Charming just left Henry, mucking out horse stalls.

Daniel enters the stall and attacks Henry, but Regina and Charming arrive in time.
Henry runs off and Charming is ready to kill Daniel. Regina convinces him to let her talk to her fiancé.
Daniel attacks her, but she's able to remind him of himself before he kills her.
He's in pain and he begs her to let him go. With many tears and emotion, she uses her magic and destroys her love.
Regina returns to Archie's office and asks for help.

Meanwhile, Whale enters Gold's shop carrying a cooler. Yes, it contains his arm, of course.
He asks for Rumple's help reattaching it. Rumple first asks Whale why he brought Daniel back.
Whale reveals that he thought that if he helped Regina, she would send him back to his own world so he could try to bring his brother back. Again.
Before Rumple reattaches the arm, he makes Whale say one thing, "I need magic."
With the wave of his hand, Whale's arm is once again whole and attached.
"Always a pleasure doing business with you...Victor."


In Dr. Whale's Land that Was--

With the stronger heart from Fairytale Land, the Doctor and his assistant reanimate a body on the table.
The body of Victor Frankenstein's brother.
"It's alive."
"You did it. Victor, you did it."
"Yes. I believe I have. Welcome back, brother."
"It's magic, Dr. Frankenstein?"
"No. Not magic. Science."


In Fairytale Land that Is--

The safe haven has been destroyed and all of the inhabitants killed. All but one. The blacksmith.
Emma, of course, finds that odd and finally gets him to talk.
He confesses that he's Captain Hook and that he's been working with Cora to get to Storybrooke.
He's now willing to work with this new crew, and he tells them about a magic compass that they'll need to return to their home.
Why does he want to go to Storybrooke?
"To exact revenge on the man who took my hand. Rumpelstiltskin."

Only problem?
The compass is at the top of a beanstalk. And, of course, that's also where the giant lives.


GIIIIIIAAAAAAANNNNNTTTTT!!!! Played by the amazingly awesome JORGE GARCIA!!!!!

-Rumpelstiltskin. ALWAYS. Sometimes his ways make me laugh so hard that I have to rewind the scene because I missed everything he said!
-"When they say I charge an arm and a leg...that's a figure of speech." (Gold)
- David Anders was brilliant as Frankenstein, wasn't he? Eyeliner and all!
-Regina's emotion and tears. Lana was amazing.

What questions do we have after this episode?
-Who is Frankenstein's brother?
-Where is Frankenstein's land? Does that matter?
-Why does Whale want to reanimate his brother so badly?
-How did the brother die?
-What happened after the first attempt? Exactly what the story we know says? Or something else?
-How are Emma and Snow going to get home?
-Will they get the compass?
-Will Hook be brought to Storybrooke with them?

AGAIN, the promo is spoilery, but this time the Canadian version is MUCH more so than the US version!
Here's the US version for you guys!

It's called Tallahassee!

Did you guys like Frankenstein's reveal? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

See you next week, Oncers!


  1. My ever amusing father yelled at the TV last night while we were watching it. "It's a trick, he didn't really put the heart back in Daniel!" Which made me giggle...rather like Rumple because the obvious ones are what he picks up.
    I think Hook in some twisted way admires Emma for calling him out. Was anyone else happy to see Emma back to being Emma? I do hope that hook comes along;)
    Towards the beginning of the episode I wondered if the Brother was the man we saw at the very beginning of season 2. I couldn't remember what he looked like but I feel that he'll play a role later...
    Lana was incredible during this episode. And Sebastian, who seemed to have less eye makeup this week:P
    And as a geek notation, the horse that Henry was supposed to ride is a medicine hat paint. They're tied to Native American Legends of good fortune and often the horse saves his rider. While this may never come up again I thought it would be a fun fact;)

    1. First-- I want to watch TV with your dad! Haha!

      Second--I love the horse facts! VERY interesting, and I wonder if we'll see it in play?

  2. I absolutely love Captain Hook, and I think he is going to play a big role in this season. I cannot wait until they get back to Storybrooke, and I hope Cora and Hook go with them. When I started my shift this morning at DISH, some of my co-workers and I were talking about how shocked we were to find out that the Doctor was Frankenstein. I was so glad that my Hopper automatically records all the primetime shows on all my major networks on the PrimeTime Anytime feature, because we were busy carving pumpkins that I completely forgot it was on. I liked that they showed Regina with some emotion, and actually showing that she had a heart. I cannot wait to see next week’s episode.

    1. Regina was amazing this week! I got teary for her! :(

  3. I figured out he was Dr. Frankenstein the moment Regina was talking to him in storybook land. With that awesome getup he had on and the fact that he specializes in reanimating dead, I knew it had to be him for some reason.

    BUT I didn't like it. Because I love the book, Frankenstein, one of my favorites of all time and feel like other versions of it pale in comparison, it's not only a disappointment to me because I feel like the writers have missed the entire point of the Frankenstein novel by portraying it this way, but also because I didn't really particularly want sci-fi added into my favorite fantasy television show. I mean, I know sci-fi and fantasy are very similar, but it didn't feel right for me personally. That being said, it wasn't enough to make me hate the show.

    I just didn't particularly like this episode, especially since I figured out he was Dr. Frankenstein near to the beginning, so I wasn't at the edge of my seat wondering the way I do with most episodes.

    I loved the Emma/Hook parts though. OMG. I forgot that she can tell when people are lying (which I never thought about it until now, is more of something a fairytale character would have than someone in the real world) and thought her dealings with Hook were hilarious. I could definitely see a romance happening between the two of them now and I'm kind of rooting for it to tell you the truth.

    I also cried for Regina as well.