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Supernatural: Party On, Garth

Tonight we welcomed back D.J. Qualls as the hunter, Garth! I loved him in his first Supernatural episode, and I'm glad to see him return!

Party On, Garth begins at a campsite. Some teens are telling ghost stories around a campfire when another teen shows up drunk.
He's apparently the brother of one of the guys already there, and the drunken boy suddenly seems to see something terrifying.
He runs off and we hear a scream. His brother comes across his mangled corpse lying on a path in the woods.
Interesting open!

Next we see Garth, who rides into town in his El Camino, blaring Bel Biv Devoe. Who didn't laugh at that?!
Garth, masquerading as a cop, speaks to two of the girls who were at the campsite. They tell him it was a local ghost who killed the boy, and Garth goes to the cemetery and burns the bones.

We then flash to the boy who found his brother dead in the woods. We see him drinking in his car, then walking through the forest with a shotgun.
Sadly, the gun doesn't help him as he's killed and hung in a tree by something unseen.

Garth is speaking on his phone as he hears that another person has been killed, even though he'd burned the bones of the local ghost.
He decides to call in the boys for help.

The Winchesters meet with 'Corporal James Brown' (LOL) at the morgue. They realize the dead boys are brothers.
Garth brings them up to speed while Sam figures out that the boys father owns the local brewery.

They head to the brewery where they talk to Randy Baxter, one of the co-owners. Randy is played by Canadian icon, Terry David Mulligan, which was such a great surprise!
My generation of Canadians will remember him from Much Music. He looks great, doesn't he?

Back at the home of the family in mourning, the youngest sister accidentally takes a drink of mommy's vodka and OJ. Whoops!
She spies a crazy-looking The Grudge reject...who promptly kills her mother. The problem? Daddy doesn't see the ghost at all.

Back at the motel, Garth Vader (how's that for a nod, DJ? ;) ) is fixing his broken EMF detector as they all have a beer. Garth downs his and gets a wee bit tipsy.
They hear on the scanner about the death of the mother and Dean and Garth head there.
With Mr. Fizzles' help, they speak to the youngest daughter who tells Mr. Fizzles that a monster killed her mommy, and she could see it because she'd accidentally had a drink of her mommy's grown-up drink.

Sam goes to speak with the widow of the third partner of the brewery, Dale, who'd recently committed suicide.
She explains why she's suing the company and tells Sam about the bottle of Saki he'd given his two former partners as a gift.

Back in the car, Dean and Garth figure out that the ghost is a spirit you can only see while you're drunk.
Dean takes a drink from his flask and Garth asks him about it. Dean explains that it was Bobby's flask and we see a quick flashback. Garth is remembering his fixed EMF detector going off while it's near the flask.
Aaaaand, I got teary. Of course. :P
Garth asks if Dean thinks Bobby might still be hanging around them and Dean refuses to talk about it.

The Winchesters meet at the brewery where they find that the Saki has been opened. They spy a security camera in the office. They get drunk and then watch the tape. They easily see the creepy Grudge ghost escaping the Saki bottle after one of the dead boys opens it.
Randy catches them while they're drinking in the office and Garth quickly tasers him.

The boys discover that the words on the Saki box speak of an alcohol spirit. And now they know what they're dealing with!
As Randy sleeps off his tasered-ness in the hot tub, the guys and Garth google alcohol spirits and find out that Dale probably sent the spirit after his two former partners.
They also learn that to kill it, they need to find a blessed samurai sword.

Garth again brings up Bobby when his EMF detector goes off, and Sam confesses that he's already tried to speak to Bobby...but got no reply.

After Randy wakes up, Garth figures out that he does indeed have a kid. He gathers up the mini-bar's mini-bottles and heads to the brewery to find Randy's illegitimate son.

Dean gets the Japanese chef to bless the sword he found at a pawn shop, and then, after a call from Garth, also heads to the brewery.
Dean then calls Sam, who's also drunk because he was at a bar keeping an eye on the McGann's oldest daughter, and Sam also heads to the brewery.
Now we have complete hilarity in the making!

Garth tries to protect the janitor/son-of-Randy, but the ghost easily tosses him through a window and knocks him out cold.
Luckily Sam comes in for the rescue...but is also easily thrown into a wall and knocked out.
It's now all up to Dean...who can't even SEE the ghost because, for once, he HASN'T been drinking! Oh, the irony!

The ghost knocks the sword out of Dean's hand and, in a wonderful scene that made me squeal so loudly that I had to rewind my PVR so I could go back and see what I missed, the sword mysteriously slide across the floor and back into Dean's waiting hand.
Oh. Em. GEE!!!!!!!!

Sam wakes just in time to tell Dean where the ghost is, and after a bit of slashing, Dean finally plants the sword into the ghosts gut. The ghost poofs into oblivion.

Sam and the janitor get Garth and Dean turns to look behind him, at the spot where the sword lay on the floor. Dean speaks to the room, asking Bobby if he's there. He pleads with Bobby to 'do something'.
He gets no reply, and we see Sam watching from around the corner.

The next morning, the boys say goodbye to Garth with hugs and he drives off, still blaring Bel Biv Devoe.

Sam tries to talk to Dean about what he overheard at the brewery. Dean explains about the empty beer, the book falling to the floor and the card popping out (all things I mentioned here when they happened, by the way!).
Sam brushes everything off as coincidence. Friggin' Sam!
Dean starts to believe that, saying that if anyone would be able to contact them as a ghost, it would be Bobby.

As the boys leave the hotel room....tears roll down my face.
Bobby is standing there, in the room.

Dean returns to the room because he's forgotten something, and Bobby smiles wide when Dean moves toward him.
Dean grabs the flask that's on the table next to Bobby, and Bobby's face drops as he realizes Dean still can't see him. In pure Bobby fashion, he exclaims, "I'm right here, ya idjit!"
Dean leaves the room and a pissed off Bobby says, "Balls!" as he poof out of sight.

So, wow. WOW. LOVED, LOVED this episode!
First, D.J. Qualls is amazing and I wish Garth would become a semi-regular on the show. He's a great comic relief and he brings out the best on the boys when they need it the most.

....ahem....Sorry about that. ;)

But seriously, how sad was that? Gah, he's trying so hard to be seen and the boys have just been looking right through him. :(

-D. J. Qualls performance. Love that guy!
-Bel Biv Devoe. Ha!
-Garth drunk!
-Sam trying to assist Dean fight the ghost he can't see.
-The sword sliding across the floor.

Best Lines:
-"You've been Garthed"-Garth, after burning the bones.
-"I Garthed her!"-Garth, after hearing another body was found.
-"Coffee for you, Tara Reid."-Dean to drunken Garth.
-"Garth, why don't we put the sock away."-Dean to Garth.
-"Mr. Fizzles' gonna go where the sun don't shine."-Dean to Garth's sock puppet.
-"Monster you gotta be drunk to see. Cool. Also, hard to fight."-Garth to Dean
-'Come with me if you want to live."-Garth to the janitor. AWESOME Terminator nod! Ha!

Questions we have now:
-Why can't anyone see Bobby??
-How will he make them realize he's still here?
-Will they get Death to bring him back?
-Will they get ANYONE to bring him back (Crowley??)?
-Will they make him cross over?
-Where are the Leviathans now?

And now we get ANOTHER hiatus for some reason. No new episodes for THREE weeks.

But the next one looks like a doozy! Here's the official promo for Of Grave Importance:

See you back here on April 20, Supernatural fans!

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