Sunday, 25 March 2012

Supernatural: The Born Again Identity

This week we finally, FINALLY welcome back Castiel. I missed him so!

Sam's gone completely bonkers because he hasn't slept in five days. He ends up in the psyche ward after being hit by a car.
Dean goes through his book and calls every hunter he comes across for help with Sam. None seem willing or able.
Suddenly, in a very odd coincidence (Hi, Bobby! I miss you!!!), an odd breeze knocks Dean's book to the floor and out pops the card of a hunter who knows just who might be able to help Sam.
A healer named, Emmanuel. (*wink wink*)

Meanwhile, Sam is making friends with another patient. Apparently Merrin also hears a voice. The voice of her brother who tells her he's lonely and tries to persuade her to kill herself.
Sam being Sam, he easily rids Merrin of the ghost of her brother.
So, er...what was the point of that side-plot, exactly? Made NO sense to me at all.

Dean finds Emmanuel's house, kills the demon he stumbles across there and saves Emmanuel's wife.
Then he discoveres that Emmanuel has no memory of who or what he was before.
Weren't those scenes in the car great? It was just like the sweet, naive, unintentionally funny Cas of old. I'd forgotten how much I adored that Cas.

Dean stops at a store and he's accosted by demons when, suddenly, Meg pops up.
Er, what? WHY is Meg there, exactly? How is she important to the plot? Argh, Sera Gamble (the writer of this episode), you're KILLIN' me here!

Okay, whatever...Meg goes with Dean and Emmanuel to find Sam. Emmanuel is hesitant but he agrees to try to get rid of the demons that are hanging out outside the hospital.
And FINALLY we get a GREAT scene. The score that plays, the flashbacks, the look on Cas's face...LOVED.
And now our beloved Cas is back, Dean gives him his trenchcoat, I cry, and after a bit of drama, Cas goes to save Sam from the horrible demon who's now giving him electric shock treatment.

Sadly, Cas discovers that Sam's wall has been ground to dust. There's nothing left to build with. And, in an act of complete love, complete selflessness and one that completely redeems him in the eyes of the brothers AND the viewers, Cas takes the broken piece of Sam's soul--and the visions of Lucifer with it-- into himself.
And I cried. Again.

And though it pains them to do so, the boys leave the now-catatonic Cas behind in the asylum...with Meg to watch over him, playing the part of a nurse.
I supposed she's better than nothing, right? Maybe?

So! A bit of a mixed episode for me!
Didn't like the Merrin plot or Meg's return at all. Neither made much sense to me. The rest? Two big thumbs up!

-Our first glimpse of Cas.
-Cas and Dean in the car, alone.
-The whole Cas remembering scene.
-Ghost Bobby helping Dean.

Best Lines:
"Quit being Dali-freakin'-Yoda about this."

"Narcissistic personality disorder. K, now this one I could have."

"So who named you Emmanual?"

What questions do we have after this episode?
-What's going to happen to Cas?
-When will we see Crowley?
-Where are the Leviathans?
-IS it Bobby that's been helping the boys?
-Why is Meg now working with the boys?

Next week DJ Qualls returns as Garth in the episode called, "Party On, Garth", and it sounds like it's going to be hilariously amazing!

What did YOU think of The Born Again Identity? I'd love to hear your comments!

See you back here next week, Supernatural fans!

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