Friday, 16 March 2012

Supernatural: Out With The Old

Supernatural is back and, because I've gotten a few requests for it, I've decided I'm going to start recapping it again! Hooray!

This episode begins in a ballet studio. In a hilariously gross scene, a ballerina is killed by her shoes!
Yep, you heard me right...Her shoes make her dance...well, she dances her feet off...literally!

Flash to Dean talking to Frank, who has no news about the Leviathans. Sam's (who, as we discover, hasn't been sleeping because of his Lucy visions) finds an interesting story in the newspaper, and the boys head to Portland to investigate the death of the ballerina.

They figure the shoes must be a cursed object and they track them to the police station, where they arrive just in time to get them off the feet of the young daughter of the cop in charge of evidence...although not without a mighty struggle. ;)

While in the car, Dean spies the shoes in the back seat...after they'd definitely put them in the trunk.
Then we find out that Dean is suddenly having a horrible urge to dance himself into oblivion because he touched the shoes. (...I'm now picturing Dean in tights. Ha!)
The boys head to the shop where they discover that the shoes are probably not the only cursed object from this store.

Flash to the next scene where we see a woman drinking boiling water from an antique tea kettle...that was actually pretty horrific and tough to watch!

Back at the shop, the boys get the addresses of the people who bought the cursed objects and show up at tea-kettle lady's house, discovering her dead on the floor.
Dean smartly uses gloves before picking the object up this time, and they call in the death anonymously before splitting up to find the remaining two objects, a gramophone and a vintage mens magazine.

In the next scene we see a boy listening to the gramophone. He can clearly hear what are only vague whispers to us coming from the machine.
He gets a knife and is about to stab his mother when, luckily, Sam walks in and stops him.

Dean finds the magazine and takes both objects back to the original shop and locks them up in the safe.
The shop owner tells Dean about his mother selling the shop, even though she hadn't really wanted to. Apparently she was being hounded by a real estate agent and had changed her mind and decided to sell...and then died in a car accident the next day.
Dean tells the guy to stop feeling guilty and gives him the schpeil about not touching the objects.

As he's walking along the street, he notices that most of the stores have 'for sale' signs on them, with the face of one particular Realtor.

And flash to the Realtor...who we find out is a Leviathan after she briefly takes the form of the man she'd just killed because he wasn't willing to sell his store. Dun dun DUN!

Dean tells Sam his suspicions about the Realtor and then calls Frank for help cracking the realtor's website.

Meanwhile, Sam is driving...and falling asleep at the wheel. He narrowly escapes being smooshed by a big truck.
As he's getting yet another coffee, the relator's assistant sees Sam at the coffee shop.
He calls his boss who tells him not to eat Sam and to get back to the office.

Frank calls Dean back and tells him that Dick Roman and the Leviathans are buying up all the mom and pop shops.
Dean tells Sam they're dealing with Leviathans, but Sam is obviously dead tired and unable to focus.
Sam tells Dean that Lucy is 'talking' to him constantly.

The shop owner calls Sam in a panic and lies about touching one of the objects to get the boys to the shop, where the Realtor and his assistant are waiting.
The boys walk into the trap but, in an interesting turn of events, the assistant tells Sam where the cleaning fluid is, and then tells him to use 'the sword'.
Sam breaks the sword out of its case and slices the head off the Realtor.

The assistant tells the boys that he's been dying to eat his boss because she's a HUGE b-word (I'm paraphrasing, of course)...and what better way to make sure she stays dead?
He then explains that the Leviathans are buying up the local shops because Dick Roman is going to build a research centre...That this is where they're going to cure cancer because, "We only want to help."

The boys arrive later at Frank's...and discover the place trashed and blood splatter everywhere.
Nooooo! Not Frank!

So! An okay episode, but nothing to write home about. I found it mostly just...meh.

But what questions do we have after this one?
-Where's Frank?!
-Why are the Leviathans building research centres to cure diseases?
-What's the 'big picture'?
-What are they building at Bobby's coordinates?
-Will Lucy drive Sam insane?
-How will they get the hallucinations out of Sam's head?

Best lines (and there weren't many this time!):
-"You see a don't eat him. You tell me, and I eat him!"Leviathan Realtor
-"No, I'm calling with the Lakers/Celtics score..."-Frank
-"Call me if you don't die."- Frank
-"He's singing Stairway to heaven right now."- Sam, about Lucy.
-"Don't shoot, we're coming in!"-Dean to Frank

Next week we see the RETURN OF CAS!!!! SO EXCITED!!
See you back here then, Winchester fans!

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