Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Book Review--Illusion

Dane and Mandy Collins have been a popular magic act for close to 30 years. In their late fifties, they plan to retire but their plans are devastated by a fiery car wreck. Dane awakens in a hospital and learns that Mandy is dead. As he reflects on their life together and how they first met at a magic show, we see nineteen-year-old Mandy in a flashback:

Mandy and two friends are visiting a county fair in Idaho when they happen upon a theater where a magician will be doing a show in an hour. While waiting to see the show, young Mandy appears to falls asleep, then awakes abruptly. She fell asleep in 1970; it is now 2010. Distraught, she is picked up by security personnel. She winds up in a mental hospital, where no one is sure who she is or where she came from?

Mandy escapes from the hospital. Alone, penniless, and mystified by her circumstances, she takes shelter with a charitable family and begins eking out a dime by performing magic for anyone who will stop, watch, and leave a tip. She winds up doing a weekly magic act at a local coffeehouse.

A friend tells Dane there’s an act he ought to see. Dane has retired but agrees to watch the girl perform. He is transfixed by the magic he sees, illusions that even he, a seasoned professional, cannot readily explain. But more than anything, he is emotionally devastated by this nineteen-year-old who is in every respect identical to the young beauty he first met some forty years earlier. 

When Mandy and Dane reunite, they must decide what their future is…and uncover the conspiracy behind their meeting; the strange, supernatural bent to Mandy's magic; and who is following them?
Again, Frank Peretti has crafted a riveting novel full of twists and mystery. This rich, rewarding book depicts a love story that transcends time, space, and what's meant by “death” and “life.” Exceptionally well written, Illusion will soon prove another classic in Frank's impressive list.

Now, my friends, don't let the blurb on the back of this book sway you. It may be written by the 'father of Christian fiction', but this is by no means a preachy, religious book.

Illusion is a all love story, and it's told in a beautiful, magical way (pun totally intended!).

Mandy is adorably charming--you'll love her right off the bat.
Particular highlights are her performances. Peretti describes her 'tricks' so well that you'll actually SEE them as she's doing them, and you'll marvel at the wonder in her eyes as if she was right in front of you, showing off her act.

This really isn't my usual type of book--I'm not one for romance--But Mr. Peretti definietly kept my attention through the entire novel.

The only negative I found in this book was the scientific mumbo-jumbo. It was often difficult to follow and I honestly had no idea what they were saying when they were explaining it.
It was only when I saw it in action that the 'aha!' moment came.

If you like romance, you'll adore this book. I enjoyed it much more than I expected to, which was a wonderful surprise. :)


  1. Huge Frank Peretti fan, here! I have 5 of his novels and have loved and re-read them all! (This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness, The Prophet, The Oath, and The Visitation.) Christian believers will definitely enjoy these novels more than non-Christians. I’m so glad to know about his latest title and am looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the heads-up and the recommendation!

    1. So glad to know I could help a Peretti fan! You'll love this one! Let me know what you thought after you read it!