Tuesday, 14 February 2012

YA Book Review - Worlds Burn Through

Source: Net Galley Request
Published: January 20, 2012
Series: The Chronicles of Nowhere Book #1

Chloe Burke has nightmares of a world burned to ash and the strange boy who saves them both. 

Underneath the dreams lurks a deeply buried reality; Chloe and a handful of others are survivors of a decade old apocalypse that burned their home world to the ground.

Now their ancient enemies hunt them again. To keep their adopted world safe, Chloe must undergo a ritual of blood sacrifice that will have life-long consequences if she survives. Her lethal protector, Eliot Gray, must keep her alive long enough to do it. 

Together they will uncover even more dangerous secrets buried in the past’s deepest, darkest ashes.

Worlds Burn Through is a really great little novel. I say 'little' because it's short. VERY short. TOO short! 

Vicki Keire has a wonderful way with words. Her descriptions are so vivid and they make this book really come to life.
The characters are written beautifully, and I can guarantee that most teen girls (ahem, and some 'older' girls!) who read this book will fall in love with Eliot pretty much as soon as he's introduced.

The only issue I have is, as I mentioned above, it's much too short. Yes, it's only book one of a trilogy, but it seems to me that the next two books will have to be much longer to fit everything in!
It's a great teaser book that will leave you wanting more.

This book will be a hit with older teens--And I should warn you, this IS a book for older teens, I'd say 16+. There is some language (the F-bomb is dropped a few times), so don't buy this for the littler ones.

I really enjoyed this book and I'm definitely looking forward to the next two!

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