Sunday, 26 February 2012

Movie Review- Tree Of Life

I honestly have no idea what to say about this movie. It literally left me a very, very not-good way.

Basically? This movie was pompous and confusing. I get symbolism. I get imagery. But this? This was tripe. 40 minutes of muddled, fractured images that do nothing but make the viewer throw up their hands in frustration is one thing, but it you can even get through the first of those, the story that follows is also rubbish.

The official summary is this-

"The film follows the life journey of the eldest son, Jack, through the innocence of childhood to his disillusioned adult years as he tries to reconcile a complicated relationship with his father (Brad Pitt). Jack (played as an adult by Sean Penn) finds himself a lost soul in the modern world, seeking answers to the origins and meaning of life while questioning the existence of faith."

But I didn't see that AT ALL. Was I watching the same movie?
What I saw was a horrible, abusive father, a completely screwed up, mean, potential-serial killer kid and a mom who was pretty much loony tunes and living in some fantasy world either fighting one another or hugging and kissing each other for no apparent reason at all.

If this movie wins the Oscar, I will lose all faith in humanity and I may just drown myself in a bathtub full of chocolate.

In closing, DON'T SEE TREE OF LIFE! It's 2 hours and 18 minutes of your life you'll never get back!!


  1. Wow - I couldn't disagree with you more. I loved this film. That's not why I take umbrage with your review, though.
    First, I respect that this film was not your cup of tea. Malick is not for everyone. That said, there was not attempt at analyzing WHY you didn't like/understand the film. This translates as if you made no effort. I don't think that is the case, as you did watch the whole film, which is definitely an effort in and of itself. I guess it would have been nice to see more details behind your thoughts.

    1. I think I explained it pretty well in my review, but I'll go through it again then, for your benefit.

      WHY I didn't like this film--
      -It was pompous
      -It was confusing to most viewers (I understood it fine)
      -The images, while beautiful, were muddled and fractured.
      -The plot was bad.
      -The writing was bad.
      -The characters were impossible to relate to.
      -The characters were unbelievable.

      How was that?