Friday, 23 October 2015

Christina Watches: Gilmore Girls S01 E4

This week on the Gilmore Girls watch, we're up to The Deer Hunter.

In this episode, Rory gets a D on her first big paper, so she and Lorelai stay up studying for a week to prepare her for her big Shakespeare test.

Unfortunately, they both sleep in on the day of the test, and Rory gets hit by a deer while driving Lorelai's car on the way to school. That makes her too late to take the test. Yes, you heard that right. She gets hit by a deer.

She argues with her teacher, and when he doesn't allow her to join her classmates in taking the test, she loses it. She (finally!) calls out both Paris and Tristan, and she's sent to the office.

Lorelai is called, and when she arrives and learns that Rory wasn't allowed to take the test, SHE loses it on both Mr. Medina, and the headmaster, Mr. Charleston. Mr. Charleston sends the women home with orders to give serious thought about whether or not Rory belongs at Chilton.

Rory and Lorelai have a heart to heart, and Rory chooses to stay at the prep school. She knows that once she catches up with the other students, she'll start to shine again.

Meanwhile, Sookie is having her own issues. The inn's restaurant gets a great review in a local magazine, but Sookie focuses on the fact that the reviewer called her risotto, "fine". Just fine won't do for her.
Sookie does some sleuthing and figures out that the reviewer had paired the wrong wine with the risotto. 
Sookie finds the reviewers address, goes to his house, and in a very weird scene, makes the reviewer eat her newly prepared risotto with the proper glass of wine. 
It's a weird scene because Sookie never once looks at the reviewer--she actually keeps her back to the guy the whole time she's talking to him, and stares off at nothing. Because of this, we also never get to see his face.
I don't know if this was because he's going to be someone important in the future and we need to be surprised about that, or if it was just an oddly (and stupidly, imo) written scene.

There's also some obvious chemistry between Lorelai and Mr. Medina, and I'm going to guess they start dating, making things awkward for Rory. 

So, another mostly boring episode. And this time, I didn't even get enough Michel to make it worthwhile.
Come on, Gilmore Girls! You're killin' me here! Please, please, get better!

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  1. The reason for the awkward scene between Sookie and the reviewer is because until the internet took over, reviewers were incognito when they went to restaurants to review the food. The would use a fake name for the reservation and order a selection of things from the menu. Chefs (and hosts and waiters) used to have a list of tells to try to figure out if a customer was a reviewer. The reason reviewers were secret from the restaurant was so that they would get the same service and food as everyone else. Sookie was just respecting what used to be a tradition in restaurant reviewing by never looking at the person so she wouldn't recognize him the next time he ate at a kitchen she was cooking at.