Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Christina Watches: Gilmore Girls S01 E2

Welcome to episode 2 of my "Gilmore Girls" watch, The Lorelais' First Day At Chilton!

In this episode, Lorelai oversleeps on Rory's first day at her new school, which sets off a bad day domino effect.

Because she's slept in, she can't make it to the dry cleaners first to pick up her nice clothes. She has to resort to wearing a "Daisy Duke" outfit to meet the headmaster at Chilton. Great first impression!

To make things worse, Emily, who is apparently a good friend of the new headmaster's, has also decided to lend her support to Rory by showing up at Chilton. Lorelai is not only horribly dressed, but more nervous and awkward than usual. 

Once she's actually able to get to class, Rory notices that she's already made an enemy. Paris, the current smarty-pants "it" girl was able to steal Rory's school file. After reading that Rory is smart, motivated, and possibly after a job with the school paper--Paris's territory--jealousy rears its ugly head.
And to make things even worse, Rory accidentally ruins Paris's history project when she knocks it out of Paris's arms.

The boys of Chilton don't seem to be much better. The rich hottie, Tristan (played by current hottie, Chad Michael Murray!), weirdly insists on calling Rory, "Mary", which Lorelai later explains is because of Rory's "virginal" demeanor.

Lorelai herself isn't having the greatest day. Emily calls her numerous times, telling Lorelai she'd like to buy Rory's school clothes, a school parking spot...a car...
While she means well, Lorelai finally blows up at her. She wants to do it all herself, and she doesn't need her parents help, thank you very much!

We also get to know a teeny bit more about our background players:
Michel is as French and sassy as ever.
Sookie is as endearing as she is a death trap.
Lane desperately wants to be a normal kid, but her very overprotective mother constantly gets in the way.
Miss Patty, the chain-smoking dance teacher seems to be a town staple.
Drella, the slightly-rude harpist that Lorelai hired to play in the lobby of the inn.
Babette, the hillybilly neighbour (played by legend, Sally Struthers!).
And in some possible foreshadowing, Luke comes across as a wee bit jealous when one of the Chilton dads asks Lorelai out. Surprisingly, considering how promiscuously she comes across, Lorelai declines the offer. She's more worried about Rory's rep than in her own. I feel like this will be a trend throughout the show. 

While the second episode was better, it's still a very slow-moving show. Literally EVERYONE is full of sass, and that gets on my nerves. One or two characters, okay. Everyone? Just stop.

But I can tell that it's still trying to find its feet, and it has huge potential, so I'll keep watching. 

Can someone who's seen the series please let me know how soon it gets GOOD? ;)

See y'all next time!

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