Monday, 17 February 2014

Movie Review: The LEGO Movie

I'm going to be honest here. When I saw the trailer for this movie, I was just 'meh' about it. I had no desire to see it. Even when my 5 year old daughter asked, I told her we'd just wait for the DVD. Yeah, I'm a mean mom.
Then it was released, and everyone and their dog went to see it. And everyone I know absolutely raved about it. One person that I hold in very high esteem literally couldn't stop tweeting about its brilliance. Well, that made me curious, and so my daughter and I made a date to see it this weekend.

You guys...oh my God, you guys, everything makes sense now. I get it. I understand the raving. I understand the reviews. I understand the 'best movie of the year' talk, even thought it's only February and there are still a butt-ton of movies to be released.
This movie was perfect. It was fun and touching and hilarious and magical.

My 5 year old loved it, although it was slightly beyond her understanding. It was a bit too complicated for her to follow, but with the bazillion actions scenes, that she didn't seem to care what else was going on.
Just a small warning-- This might be too much for busy or over-excitable kids. Like I said, there's a TON of action. This movie is non-stop, and that may cause many wiggles and over-stimulation in some kids. Also, there were one or two scenes that were difficult for my daughter to watch. More sensitive kids may cry or be sad. It helped when I reminded her that it wasn't real, but there were still a few tears.
Those parts are over quickly, and little brains are also able to move on. My daughter did want to discuss one certain tough part after the movie, but the movie handles the storyline well, and that particular sad part doesn't stay sad for long.

I'm really, really glad that I was able to experience such a wonderful movie with my daughter. She's been watching the 'blooper' video (see below) and the trailer since we got home, and she won't stop talking about it.

EVERYONE should see this movie, and, yes, everything IS awesome!

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