Saturday, 27 April 2013

Doctor Who-- Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Okay, is it just me or are these 7B episodes just really sub par?
Journey was GREAT...amazing, fabulous, wonderful, magical...until that damn ending. Again! Like last week!
What the heck is going on?!
[Moffat] 'Lets use a crack in time to reset the universe--AGAIN--so that Clara, who now knows everything, INCLUDING the Doctor's name, forgets it all! Muahahahahaha!' [/Moffat]
Um. WTF?!

So here are the notes I made--

Clara's wearing red again. Has anyone else noticed that she's always wearing/carrying something red?
Does it mean anything? I have no idea. :P

It was really cool to see the observatory, the swimming pool and the library. I feel like I've been waiting years for this episode. The TARDIS scenes didn't disappoint at all.

Didja all hear Nine? "The assembled hordes of Genghis Khan couldn't get through those doors.."
Did I also hear One and Susan? It was so hard to tell.

What did Clara read in the Time War book?! "So that's who." Who what?! What is his name?!

This episode again reiterated to me that Clara IS scattered through time somehow.

And now a confession--
I honestly don't know how I feel about Clara. I know, I know, don't hate!
I'm just not feeling the chemistry between her and the Doctor. Not at all.
I wasn't a HUGE Amy fan, but I could easily see that chemistry.
And Clara is a bit annoying. And she doesn't follow the Doctor into trouble like, in MY opinion, a good companion should.
This is her fifth episode as companion, and it still feels like her first.
Am I alone in this?

Okay, so I'll be truthful here and say that I'm not expecting much from next weeks episode, The Crimson Horror. It looks like a 'Doctor-light' episode, and those have never been my favourite--aside from the amazing 'Blink'.
But the last two will MORE than make up for this crappy latter half of the series...right? RIGHT?!

What are your thoughts on 'Journey'? Any thoughts on the Doctor's name? Am I way off base in disliking these endings?
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  1. I really liked Clara the first episodes, but I must say that the last two episodes.. I don't know, she does seem very unsecure.
    One moment she is supercool and smart and sharp and the next she's not smart and unsecrure and I dont know... not very consistent character...