Saturday, 13 April 2013

Doctor Who--Cold War

Loved this episode! LOVED!
I didn't love it like I love Vincent and the Doctor or Blink or Midnight or Turn Left, I should stop there. ;)
But Cold War reminded me very much of classic Who and it was just a fun old, non-thinking romp!

And because it was non-thinking, I don't have much to say! Ha!

One thing that I did make note of--Clara stays put. When the Doctor says, "Stay here.", Clara stays.
Unlike Amy. And Rose. And Donna. And Martha. And Sarah Jane., apparently every other companion he's ever had.
I found that very interesting.
Is it that she's more cautious than his other companions have been? Or that she's less trusting of the Doctor? Or is she just an obedient person?
Only time will tell, I suppose!

I thought the Ice Warrior was really cool--I loved that they kept the retro look and added that they wear armour--and I was so happy to see the sonic screwdriver go missing for this episode. He uses that thing entirely too much for my liking!

So how about you guys? Did you like Cold War as much as I did? Let me know here in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter!

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