Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Movie Review-- The Amazing Spider-Man

It's really tough to review a reboot. Especially when the original movie is only a few years old.
So, I've decided that I'm not going to compare the Raimi to the Webb.
I honestly can't say which I liked better, and the only thing I'll say about the two is that they're very, VERY different movies.
Now, lets get the original out of our minds and think of The Amazing Spider-Man as a completely fresh, new movie--because that's how I viewed it.

Andrew Garfield is adorable. And charming. And sweet. And endearing. And...Oh, I'm gushing, aren't I? Sorry about that.
I'll admit that I was worried. I mean, he's a BRITISH actor. With an accent and everything! How could HE pull of Peter Parker??
But, oh he did. And he did it beautifully.
I can honestly say that before this movie, I thought Spider-Man was cool and fun and all....but after this movie? I get why he's a favourite and you can now count me as one of those that absolutely LOVES Spider-Man.
I get it now.
He's funny and vulnerable and smart and witty and innocent and sweet and brave and...whoops. Gushing. Er, right. Lets move on, shall we? ;)

If you've read my Avengers review, you'll remember that I'm not a comic book reader, so I pretty much know nothing about Peter Parker's parents (say that three times fast!). ;)
Hearing the story of their disappearance and how he came to live with Aunt Mae and Uncle Ben definitely added to my sympathy and helped me connect with the character.
Speaking of Uncle Ben, Martin Sheen was absolutely wonderful in the role.

As you'd expect, The Amazing Spider-Man was full of humour and funny bits. There were many laugh-out-loud moments, and without spoilers, I'll say that the Stan Lee cameo is one of the best I've seen of him yet. ;)

The romance between Gwen and Peter isn't too much, if you know what I mean. I'm not a huge shipper and I prefer my romance on the light side when it comes to superhero movies. The Amazing Spider-Man keeps it light, but sweet, if that makes sense.
Although--and I'm probably going to lose followers for this!--I'm not a fan of Emma Stone. At all.
Sorry, sorry!
She just WASN'T believable as a 17 year old and I don't like her in romance roles! (She was great in The Help, though!)

The directing and cinematography were superb--and I don't say that lightly.
I loved the web-slinging scenes where we're gliding through the air with Spidey.
The New York night scenes were amazing, and the CGI in some of the battle scenes was out of this world.

Of course, I can't write a review without writing about my favourite bits, right?
Yeah. I cried. As usual. ;)
But there's something very special about this cry! Seriously!

You see, almost 30 years ago, a movie made me cry for the very first time. To be specific, a character in a movie made me cry for the very first time.
The movie was The Outsiders, and that character was Ponyboy Curtis, played by C. Thomas Howell.
Since that day, Tommy Howell has always held a special place in my heart.
So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I saw him in the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man!

Little did I know that the part he plays in this movie would, 29 years after that first time, make me cry AGAIN.
Damn you, Tommy, for making me cry TWICE in my lifetime! (But you were seriously amazing once again, my friend!)

"Who ARE you?"
"I'm Spider-Man."
LOVED!! (There's more to it, but....SPOILERS!) ;)

At 2 hours and 17 minutes long, this movie seriously flies by. I didn't look at the time once, I didn't get bored, and there were pretty much NO slow parts.

I highly recommend The Amazing Spider-Man to all Spidey fans, to all comic fans and to all geeks. ;)
Just try to go into it without comparing it like I did and you'll be okay.

Let me know if you DO see it! I'd love to talk comparisons with you!
And also, Andrew Garfield! ;)


  1. My favourite part was actually one of the most predictable and common super-hero movie elements there is. There's one in every superhero movie, really, but some of them are better than others - but I enjoy the scene where the plain, ordinary people step up amidst the chaos to aid or protect their hero. To me, it represents what a real hero is supposed to be.

    1. Yes!! That's exactly the part I'm talking about above with Tommy Howell!
      SO good!

  2. My boyfriend and I saw this movie together on opening day and loved it. =)

    I know you're not comparing the two, but we did, minimally, and we prefer Garfield over Maguire. He portrays spiderman more like he was in the comic books. He's able to interpret, naturally, spiderman's movements and personality better.

    I like Emma Stone a lot and wasn't a big fan of Kirsten Dunst, so that was a plus as well, for me.

    I liked that the special effects, too, weren't all explosions and over the top special effects, if you know what I mean. Sometimes movies do that too much and in my opinion, take away from the story.

    And I loved the fighting scene in the subway he had when he first started to get his powers, that was cool.

  3. Just saw this last night and was like "who is that construction guy." I had a HUGE crush on him back in junior high during the ET, Outsiders days. Finally I was like C. Thomas Howell! <3 him! And he was great. And yes if I were that age today I'd be all crushing on Andrew Garfield. He was adorable! Totally agree!
    Great movie! Kicked the other ones butts and I love Sam Raimi. :/