Monday, 18 June 2012

True Blood: Authority Always Wins

I can't. I just...can't.

It's killing me, watching this show I used to love and look forward to AGAIN go down the drain.
The first two seasons were amazing. Brilliant. Epic.
Season 3? Meh.
Season 4? Utter shit.
And now season 5? It's looking as bad as season 4, and we're only 2 episodes in.

The ONLY plot I care about is the Authority plot. IF they write it well, it has the potential to be fabulous.

The rest of the shit that's happening?
I don't care. At all.

Rev. Steve--Did we REALLY need to bring him back? There isn't enough drama with Jason, Jessica and Hoyt? Now we have to add a gay vampire American who wants to buy Jason? Really?!

There are NO puppies in True Blood!
Sam-- What the hell was that weird fight/break-up with Luna? Does anyone care about her at all? Anyone? Yeah, neither do I.
And the bit that made me finally throw my hands in the air and give up? THE DAMN PUPPY!
SERIOUSLY?!? What. The. EFF??
Dumbest plot EVER.

Terry-- Again, does ANYONE care about this? I sure as hell don't. Yes, Terry has PTSD. Yes, he has demons. Yes, Arlene is trying to help him work through all that. Can we not just leave it at that?
Now we have to bring in an old war buddy, someone setting fires and trying to kill the members of his squad, and Terry sleep-walking and having flashbacks and pushing Arlene around?

Get off the damn counter, Tara.
Alcide-- Okay, this plot I can tolerate. Because it's IN THE BOOKS. PLEASE let this develop the RIGHT way!

I HATE the character. Always have. Now she's an idiotic vampire with apparently NO self-control?
Oh just...get lost!

Pam-- Okay, the Pam/Eric flashbacks are kinda cool. Lets hope they don't screw those up.

Andy-- Don't care. Can we please just let background/minor characters STAY background characters?

There's too much shit going on and very little of it is good shit.

I'm not at all impressed, and I highly doubt I'll be blogging about this show again. It's just not worth it.
It'll just be post after post like this--full of ranting and venting and bitching.

RIP, True Blood. I'm only watching now for naked Eric, the Authority and Pam's hilarious lines.

It was nice knowing you.

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  1. Darn. I'm sad you won't be blogging about this show anymore, but I see your points.

    I actually liked season 4 though because I'm kind of obsessed with necromancers and it's very rare to see them in anything paranormal. I read/watch a bunch of paranormal stuff and have only seen them so far in True Blood and the Darkest Powers Trilogy.