Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Birthday, Ajay Fry!

Today is Ajay Fry's birthday!

Me 'n Ajay! 

I adore this guy. I really do. He's funny and nice and just really, really great, and I'm so honoured that I'm able to call him a friend.

For his birthday, I wrote him a little something. I hope you like it! :)

A Poem For Ajay
by Christina

The day of his birth, our dear Ajay Fry.

And I'm here to tell you, about a helluva guy.
Lets start at the start, where things all began.
Born, bred and raised, into a cool genre fan.

He debuted in Toronto, but then moved away,
In Ottawa is where, his family did stay.
With nothing to do, boredom set in, 
His solace was humour, can't you tell with THAT grin? ;)

As a boy, TV beckoned, and he graced our screens,
On Lassie, on Big Wolf, on The Dark? as a teen.
His voice, also wanted! So fresh and so new!
Commercials, and radio, Arthur, Lulu, Caillou!

Never far from his thoughts, comedy was his heart,
The iNSTiTUTiON was where he honed his art.
So young but so eager, now a man at eighteen, 
A lifetime event--To China, he's been!

More voicework done there, a series of vids!
A month in a studio, taping English for kids!
The next stop for Ajay, to Toronto he flew,
(Holy cow, this is long...Next year, a haiku?) ;)

What? Oh, yes--Back to TO, our boy went to Humber!
A post-grad in comedy, Mr. Fry now (*facepalm*)
Almost twenty-one, and a proud college grad, 
A Phil Hartman award nom, I should probably add!

Some more humour training, Second City this time,
The world in his palm, the man in his prime!
A dream, to come true, YTV came a-calling, 
The new host of CRUNCH, (dude, that hair was appaulling!) 

He spent two years there, so loved by the kids, 
Until SPACE came along, and he found that he fit.
A true life-long fan, (his parents made sure!),
The programming was perfect, Ajay was allured.

He anchored The Circuit,  a co-host was gained.
With Teddy, the show changed, InnerSPACE is it's name.
The boys were a duo, like Robin and Batman, 
They bickered and bantered and gained many fans.

The duo, now a trio, adding Cynthia Loyst, 
And five nights a week, they ARE SPACE's voice.
A staple in Canada, Ajay's now pretty big.
But humble? Yes, always. He's proud of his gig.

He's now travelled the world, he's talked to the best, 
In sci-fi, in horror--Oh, the people he's met!
Emma Stone, (Ha! She flirted with our handsome host!),
Patrick Stewart, Matt Smith--but who does he love most?

With no hesitation, he speaks from the heart,
It's US, it's the VIEWERS, WE'RE the best part! 
At cons and events, the fans bring him joy,
Like Han has the Wookie, Ajay's our boy.

And outside of work, he also does stuff!
Plays guitar, web design, he's a huge gaming buff!
He likes movies and tacos and painting and art,
And don't believe Teddy, he DOES have a heart.

A personal note? Oh, I guess that it's time.
In this poem I wrote, for an outstanding guy.
I'm honoured to call Ajay a dear friend.
And I hope that he likes these words that I've penned.

He's quick with a smile, a hug, a kind word.
He gives his fans time, all us geeks, dorks and nerds.
You see, he's one of US, so he has much respect,
He has things in common, he easily connects.

My dear friend Ajay, happy birthday to you.
I wish you just happiness, in all things you do.
Dream big, never change, spread your wings and fly high.
The sky is the limit, on your day Ajay Fry.

Happy, happy birthday, my dear friend. 
See you in August! 

(Comments, pats on the back and much praise is more than welcome, of course!) ;)


  1. WOWZA!
    I bet this is the MOST amazing poem Ajay has EVER read! Excellent job Christina! (I bet he got choked up! It's touching and informative!)
    You are a wonderful friend! A+!!!

    1. Aw, thank you, Arwen. I'm honoured to do something special for him. :)